Schréder - Sports lighting solutions

More flexibility

• Instant ON/OFF - no more waiting for luminaires to warm up/cool down • Extend opening hours • Allow sports activities during the hours of darkness Perfect playing conditions • Comply with lighting standards and regulations • Optimise safety and comfort • Avoid light spill and respect the neighbourhood

Full scope solutions

With our highly qualified experts, we deliver solutions that comply with the relevant sporting standards and light pollution requirements to meet our customers’ expectations. We do so by performing photometric studies to ensure the correct lighting levels, uniformity for horizontal and vertical illuminance, and a glare analysis, amongst other essential criteria. This ensures that your sports activities can take place in a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment . We also have the know-how to design lighting schemes for higher sports leagues and professional stadiums.

Designed with a sustainable vision Made of recyclable materials, our devices are easy to disassemble. Their high-quality design guarantees a long lifetime and futureproof solutions.




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