ATS 4 - система керування тунельним освітленням

In the recent years, countries and continents have had to deal with new types of cyber crime, requiring higher levels of security for critical infrastructure. Tunnels are part of those infrastructure. A lighting control system involving a wide range of critical data and functions requires the higher level of security to guarantee your tunnel data a safe journey. That’s why the ATS 4 is built on the innovative Phoenix Contact PLCnext technology, an open automation communication system compliant with the most YOUR DATA ARE GOLD, EXPECT THE MOST SECURE SYSTEM

highly demanding cyber security standards such as the European NIS Directive (Network and Information Security EU 2016/1148) and international standard IEC62443 . The ATS 4 controller is the first control system to fully comply with both regulations and can be used in these applications.

The Advanced Tunnel System 4 benefits from a complete set of toolless smart cables and connectors . This cabling philosophy is part of the complete solution provided by Schréder allowing you to speed up system installation and implementation. The communication cables between the central controller and the luminaires themselves is made via an industrial Bus network, perfectly suited to handle the high demands linked with tunnel control applications . SAVE SIGNIFICANT INSTALLATION TIME


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