ATS 4 - система керування тунельним освітленням

ATS 4 DALI: Tunnel lighting control system over a DALI network protocol

Enables coordinated dimming and switching of groups of luminaires for even more savings .

Provides the essential control functions of the ATS 4 in a lean feature set .

Equipped with a fully featured powerful lighting control software . No additional interface is required.

The ideal solution for basic tunnels or interior zones of long tunnels.


STANDARD CABLING The ATS 4 DALI benefits from a complete set of toolless standard cables and quick- on connectors, considerably speeding up cabling and saving valuable time on-site.

The ATS 4 DALI cabinet constantly communicates with the ATS 4 DALI boxes . Equipped with multiple DALI outputs (up to 64), the DALI boxes send commands to or receive data from groups of luminaires. This type of system architecture provides an optimised solution for specific tunnel needs.


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