FLEXIA - Rewolucyjna platforma do kreowania oświetlenia

NEMA or Zhaga: make an informed choice Both ecosystems have their pros and cons. Schréder offers both solutions and can help you to make the best choice for your project. NEMA Zhaga-D4i Widely recognised This socket has years of proven

New ecosystem Based on D4i communication bus ensuring full interoperability between multiple devices (drivers, controllers, presence sensors) Safer but with power limitations Only 24V on the node which makes it safer to install. But this power limitation could prevent the use of some smart city applications and could limit the bandwidth of the control device. Zhaga-D4i runs only on DALI protocol. Architecture limitation The D4i protocol would not be able to transmit beyond-lighting data which would limit the ability for Zhaga-D4i sensors to be used to transmit data to the cloud.

experience with over fifty manufacturers of drivers, LED’s and controls systems.

Flexibility Today can function with both 0-10V & DALI 2, tomorrow with D4i or another protocol. Two unspecified pins.

Remote firmware update As Smart City technology evolves, the control solutions and therefore the intelligence of your lighting can be updated remotely.

Blends into the luminaire (small socket, small controllers...)

Mature technology

Cheaper socket (but more expensive driver)

Keeps installation FutureProof

High bandwidth (ideal for Smart City and big data)

High interoperability


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