Schréder launches SHUFFLE , the first smart column on the market

SHUFFLE is crowned ‘Product of the Year’ by the HEA (UK)

SHUFFLE wins the Smart City Award in London

Leading with non-stop innovation SHUFFLE was launched in 2015, and many enthusiastic customers who set out to shed extra light on their vibrant urban living spaces have installed it. And they went beyond simple outdoor lighting. They took the opportunity offered by this platform to bring new services into their environments, such as WiFi, surveillance cameras, loudspeakers, emergency buttons and EV chargers. Just a year after its launch, SHUFFLE was awarded ` Product of the Year 2016 ’ by the Highway Electrical Association (HEA) in the UK. A little while later, in 2017, SHUFFLE received the ` Smart City Award ’ in London for its technology with great potential for smart cities. In 2020, Schréder made SHUFFLE independent from physical wiring for lightning-speed connectivity, creating the first wireless smart column. This spirit of constant innovation combined with exquisite design, attention to detail and a deep understanding of customer needs has positioned SHUFFLE as a benchmark in the market. Since their launch, SHUFFLE columns have delighted cities and private companies in more than 35 countries worldwide.

Launch of SHUFFLE Site at Mobile World Congress, an integrated approach to 4G/5G small cells

Schréder innovates again with the SHUFFLE Wireless backhaul , the first 100% wireless smart column New lighting modules with up to 58% more luminous flux to meet the needs of a broader range of applications


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