One-touch system to contact operators and/or to trigger panic response scenarios • Vandal-resistant SIP and IP intercom •Optional HD video at up to 30FPS (1440x1080px) and H.264 for integration with most video solutions • Crystal clear audio • Active background noise cancellation • Automatic volume adjustment • Stainless steel front plate with one button • Can interact with SHUFFLE Strobe, light ring, horn and cameras

Intercom with camera (SHPOIC2-GI)

Intercom (SHPOIC2-GH)

Internal speaker amplifier

10W class D

10W class D

Digital MEMS, omnidirectional PoE or external power supply

Digital MEMS, omnidirectional PoE or external power supply Fixed lens, 1440x1080 pixels


Power supply



Idle 3.5W Max 12W

Power consumption Idle 1.8W Max 12W



360° Lighting with strobe (SH36L2-HL/SH36L2-HM)

Horn (SH18S2-HN/SH18S2-HO) Warning or alarm with a powerful electronic tone • Warning or alert to the nearby population • Supports voice-over IP • Multi-tone up to 105dB • Can be triggered remotely • Can be integrated into a global warning system •Can be linked to SHUFFLE Intercom

Vital visual aid for emergencies •Lumen package range: from 1,500 to 8,100lm • Flashing blue strobe light • Can be triggered remotely or locally via the intercom button


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