Schréder Catalogue (2021)

Decluttering cities on their journey to becoming smart

The SHUFFLE smart column is a connected, modular approach to city hardware. With plug-and-play rotatable modules that contain pre-certified hardware, it can be configured to suit your specific needs. Redesigning. Reorganising. Improving. Combining. Do these all at once with SHUFFLE, an integrated concept with unlimited opportunities to bring the experience to a new level in cities and venues. Information, identity, safety, communication, entertainment, mobility and much more. Just imagine fulfilling and monitoring the needs of everybody in public and privately-owned areas with the same system. No need to clutter the environment with devices each time you identify a requirement. All your various features can be gathered elegantly into one integrated platform . Not set in stone, but with versatility and prepared for future evolutions. SHUFFLE is a completely energy-efficient yet affordable smart city solution that requires very low maintenance. You can create your personalised combination by associating up to 5 modules per column, or pick one of our preconfigured variants.

> Seamless integration of urban hardware in a refined column > Personalised combinations: up to 5 modules per column > Preconfigured versions: Campus, SOS, Security, Light and Mobility > Total versatility with 360° rotatable modules > Patented system for easy installation > Fully connected platform KEYADVANTAGES


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