Schréder Catalogue (2021)

Futureproofing the investment

Schréder EXEDRA unifies the lighting network thanks to its ability to control nodes plugged on Zhaga/NEMA sockets and luminaires from multiple manufacturers. With an API, EXEDRA can interact with third-party asset management systems to merge the whole scheme on a unique, modern, insightful and user-friendly platform.

Backing the city branding

Schréder EXEDRA not only provides real-time monitoring of connected urban assets such as luminaires, litter bins or public WiFi. Thanks to its automation centre, you can define conditional rules, set up alarms and automate ticketing to optimise on-site maintenance operations. All IoT devices using the same open standards for data and communication can seamlessly integrate the platform. And of course, in these iconic places, lighting can be adapted according to specific schedules to support special events.


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