Schréder Catalogue (2021)

When it comes to user experience, Schréder EXEDRA delivers the most intuitive and comprehensive City Management System.



DASHBOARD Customise your working environment: add, move, resize and organise widgets for each and every stakeholder’s personal dashboard. INTEGRATED INVENTORY AND DEVICE MANAGEMENT Retrieve, create, edit or delete luminaires, cabinet controllers, meters, electric cables, sensors and more.

Keep bills under control. Monitor, meter, compare. Schréder EXEDRA provides all the relevant features to help you improve energy efficiency.


Organise field operations through a fully integrated ticketing system that will help you optimise your asset management and maintenance.

DEVICE STATUS AND REAL-TIME INSIGHT/CONTROL Stay connected to your network. Navigate on a map view to check key performance indicators and device statuses. And manage them when needed.

AUTOMATION Take advantage of the Schréder EXEDRA automation centre to easily customise advanced sequences of automated actions based on the conditions and rules you have defined.

LIGHTING SCHEDULES Program your lighting. Create and edit your dimming profiles based on endless variables (calendar days, special occasions, season, etc.). Assign these rules to configurable groups of luminaires.

USER MANAGEMENT Distribute roles and rights to all project stakeholders of projects according to their missions and responsibilities.

DYNAMIC LIGHTING Maximise your benefits by associating sensors with groups of luminaires to trigger pre-defined lighting scenarios.

MULTI-TENANT Configure and manage different zones independently. Thanks to Schréder EXEDRA multi-tenant architecture, contractors, utilities or big cities are able to segregate areas. APPLICATION SOLUTION Connect different types of hardware from various manufacturers to the EXEDRA UI. This applies to both light control and other applications: environmental monitoring, smart water, smart grid, smart parking, smart waste and more.


Anticipate and react in real time. Configure warning messages, get useful insights using the reports. Take advantage of aggregated data to make informed decisions.


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