Schréder Catalogue (2021)

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT With EXEDRA, Schréder has developed a futureproof platform that integrates the constant need to address new challenges and to evolve with technology. To stay up to date, Schréder takes a technology-agnostic approach. What does this mean? We rely on open standards and protocols to design an architecture able to interact seamlessly with third-party software and hardware solutions. Schréder EXEDRA enables a partner ecosystem approach to provide endless solutions to cities.

AT THE TOP OF YOUR GAME Schréder EXEDRA includes all the advanced features needed for smart device management, real-time and scheduled control, dynamic and automated lighting scenarios, maintenance and field operation planning, energy consumption management and third-party connected hardware integration. The fully configurable user interface is designed for a tailored experience. It includes tools for user management and multi-tenant policy that enables utilities or big cities to segregate projects.


Schréder EXEDRA is a plug-and-play solution that enables quick and easy deployment of a connected lighting network. An intelligent automated commissioning process recognises, verifies and retrieves luminaire data in the user interface. Schréder EXEDRA integrates an automation engine to set custom routines and automated actions, to simplify operations and automate repetitive tasks.

GREAT INSIGHTS, GREAT DECISIONS Data is gold. Schréder EXEDRA provides this with all the clarity managers need to drive decisions. The platform collects massive amounts of data from terminal devices and aggregates, analyses and intuitively displays them to help end-users take the right actions . Through advanced data analytics tools, presented both visually and in reports, Schréder EXEDRA is a powerful tool for efficiency, rationalisation and strategic decision making . Schréder EXEDRA contributes to maintaining city infrastructures and to consistently provide safety, comfort and well-being to citizens.

PROTECTED ON EVERY SIDE Schréder EXEDRA provides state-of-the-art data security with encryption, hashing, tokenisation, and key management practices that protect data across the whole system and its associated services. To address the security challenges, Schréder EXEDRA follows a multi-layered approach, where specific security measures are taken at device, communication and cloud levels. This security methodology provides continuous analysis of security risk vectors and mitigation of threat through security processes and mechanisms.


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