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Schréder EXEDRA is the most advanced lighting management system on the market for controlling, monitoring and analysing streetlights in a user-friendly way. It is the right tool to align value with short- and mid-term targets while sustaining a long-term vision. Cities need tailored solutions that enable them to go on a journey to become smarter. It can’t be about choosing a one-size-fits-all solution. Schréder EXEDRA opens up an infinite number of possibilities to improve neighbourhoods and communities through deploying the right solutions in the right places. It brings an additional layer of tangible benefits that maximises return on investment and creates new opportunities for cities.

Your city as smart as you want

KEYADVANTAGES > Remote control to maximise energy/maintenance savings while providing the right light to keep people safe and comfortable any time in outdoor environments platform: shared and open technologies to unlock complete interoperability > Plug-and-play solution > Intuitive and comprehensive City Management System for smart device management > Fully customisable user interface with personalised dashboards > Data collection, aggregation > Technology-agnostic

and analysis for decision- making based on useful visualisation and reports

> Ready for smart city

applications with IoT urban devices


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