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FlexiWhite: provide the right colour temperature To choose is to forsake. When it comes to deciding which colour temperature you will opt for, it is never a happy moment. You know that a colder white light optimises performance while a warmer one is more preferable to people and animal natural cycles. What if you didn’t have to choose? The Schréder FlexiWhite solution offers you the freedom to use the right colour temperature at any time . Whether it relies on pre-programmed scenarios, works with the Schréder EXEDRA remote control system, uses sensors or a mix of all three, the FlexiWhite solution offers you the flexibility to provide the right level with the right colour temperature at the right place and the right time.

With PCBAs using two types of LEDs (e.a. 2200K and 3000K), you can select one of two colour temperatures or mix both at various levels (dimming), thanks to DALI Type 8 drivers with single address multipath channels, to create a palette of colour temperatures. As lenses cover the complete PCBA, the light distribution remains unchanged whatever you select. How is it possible?


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