Schréder - Integrated solutions catalogue

BLUETOOTH TM ECONOMICAL ON-SITE SOLUTION The Schréder built-in Bluetooth TM solution is ideal for the on-site configuration of individual outdoor luminaires using Bluetooth. By simply standing beside the pole, the user is able to read diagnostic data, switch the luminaire on or off and adapt the dimming curve . A user-friendly application called Sirius BLE provides easy and secure access to the control and configuration functions.


As the most user-friendly remote control platform for intelligent street lighting, Schréder EXEDRA integrates advanced features for programming the most efficient dimming profiles based on endless variables (calendar days, special events, seasons, etc.) while providing safety, comfort and a sense of well-being for people. Schréder EXEDRA can integrate smart lighting applications such as the ability to adapt the colour of the light or build dynamic lighting scenarios through PIR sensors or radars. As it offers complete interoperability, Schréder EXEDRA can manage controllers/sensors and control luminaires from other manufacturers.


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