Schréder - SHUFFLE Campus

Whenever visitors approach an animal area in a zoo, a SHUFFLE Campus detects motion, triggers an explanation message about those species, and encourages the visitors to use the zoo’s progressive web app for an interactive journey with augmented reality and further fascinating experiences. Using free internet connection provided by the zoo, visitors are taken into an online game that contributes to an unforgettable experience. The SHUFFLE Campus coloured light rings guide them on a logical tour through the zoo. With SHUFFLE Campus, zoo managers get heat maps for valuable insights about the most visited attractions. They can measure the return on investment and impact on every decision they make. As SHUFFLE Campus (Active) is equipped with a power socket, they can, for instance, move their mobile ice cream shop to the best spot and plug its freezer into the closest SHUFFLE. contribute to a memorable visit to the zoo? How can SHUFFLE Campus (Active)

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