Schréder - SHUFFLE Campus

SHUFFLE CAMPUS Creating places people love to be in

What makes a place great? What kinds of services please workers and attract visitors? How can you leverage your infrastructure to create value beyond lighting? Why could it help you to meet your social and business goals? SHUFFLE Campus is the right tool for ambitious companies, institutions, public services and cities wanting to offer a high-quality experience to their workers, customers, residents, citizens or visitors. SHUFFLE Campus is a connected, modular approach to outdoor hardware with plug-and-play rotatable modules that contain pre-certified hardware. This preconfigured version of the smart multi-functional SHUFFLE column is designed to provide multiple services, aesthetically and efficiently, to business facilities, condominiums, academic, medical or sport complexes, parks, shopping malls or transport infrastructures such as airports, train or bus stations. SHUFFLE Campus creates safe, pleasant places , connect people to the internet, inform and entertain them, while keeping an elegant and discreet presence that blends into any environment. With SHUFFLE Campus, people can extend their work, play and leisure space to outdoor areas. SHUFFLE Campus is a great asset for placemaking as it strengthens the connection between people and the urban environment with a minimal footprint. People are encouraged to spend more time outdoors, to socialise, to contribute to the local economy and to develop a true sense of community.


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