Schréder - Industrial lighting solutions (catalogue)



Modular, efficient and easy to assemble

INDU CONTILINE is a fully flexible 13 pole trunking system with tool-free module installation. With 2.25m trunking inserts and suspensions that can be mounted with a distance of up to 5m it can be installed in a fast and efficient manner. With its unique, optional roof accessory, INDU CONTILINE is considerably more resistant to dust and water accumulation. Thanks to its additional, integrated cable duct, this system is IoT-ready! INDU CONTILINE can be installed from the ground using a patented process. It facilitates mounting if the area for the elevator / scissor platform cannot be cleared or if the floor has not yet been cleared for traffc. This patented process can also be used to your advantage on accessible crane systems without additional scaffolding. INDU CONTILINE offers additional benefts including emergency lighting with an auxiliary battery and optimal light distribution with low glare to create optimal working conditions in industrial environments.




Typical luminaire output flux (range)

7,400 to 12,400lm

14,800 to 21,200lm 100W to 133W

50W to 77W

Power consumption

Colour temperature

Neutral white 840, cool white 857 or very cool white 865

220-240V AC – 50-60Hz 176-275V DC

Nominal voltage

Surge protection

1 / 2 / 4kV

IP 50

IK 05

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