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Key facts and figures Reinventing the wheel

Traffic congestion, poor air quality and the effects of climate change are all good reasons to promote active mobility. If we look at the facts and figures, cycling can certainly be part of the solution.



new bicycles are sold for every car in Europe. More than 22 million bikes are sold every year in the EU (2) .


73 %

£ 10-20 is the investment in cycling infrastructure per year and per capita in some cities in the UK (4) .


of European think that bicycles should

benefit from preferential treatment compared with cars (1) .

-5 km 50% of all private car journeys in cities are under 5 kilometres (European Union) (1) .


+270 %


increase in bike path use in some Australian cities with the pandemic (3) .


-55 %

reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is the objective set by the EU Climate Target Plan for 2030.

(3) call-to-fast-track-bike-lanes-to-boost-jobs-and-take-advantage-of-lockdown-induced-bicycle-sales (4) «Planning for Cycling.» - Rob Gallagher and John Parkin.

(1) «Cycling: the way ahead for towns and cities.» - European Community. (2)


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