Schréder - Cyklostezky

Autonomous local network with motion sensors Luminaires equipped with OWLET LUCO AD controllers can create a closed network that provides light-on- demand scenarios with motion sensors. The lighting levels are dimmed most of the time to maximise energy savings. When cyclists arrive, the sensors detect their presence and the luminaires ahead of them increase the light output to deliver the best conditions in terms of safety and comfort. Thanks to the wireless communication between the luminaires, sensors can be installed in the most appropriate places . The network can be expanded at any moment as it only means adding new luminaires to the loop. Scenarios can also be changed over time to adapt to new situations.

• Smart autonomous solution • Light-on-demand scenarios • Maximised savings with optimised use of energy • Utmost safety and comfort for the cyclists • FutureProof with on-site adjustments possible Key advantages


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