Schréder SHUFFLE Gigabit Wireless Network

Speed and reliability for city services

Using the unlicensed 60GHz V-Band, the SHUFFLE Wireless backhaul uses pencil-beam auto-aligning antennas, together with high free-space-loss, to ensure easy deployment and excellent spatial isolation with interference-free performance. It provides highly secure connectivity with multi-gigabit capacity supporting, e.g. high bandwidth video streaming with low latency and high reliability. All at a low cost and very easy to install. In the current SHUFFLE portfolio, the Wireless backhaul module can be associated with cameras (180° camera modules, QuadView or PTZ cameras on our bracket specially designed for SHUFFLE) to deploy a wireless HD video surveillance network. It can also be associated with WLAN modules and provide a citywide public WiFi coverage. It is ready to offer additional opportunities for smart city applications such as air quality and traffic monitoring, smart parking, gunshot detection, etc. The SHUFFLE Wireless BackHaul system consists of two types of modules. A module that serves as an access point (Base Unit) and another as an end-point station (Terminal Unit). The Base Unit module connects up to 8 Terminal Unit modules. Thanks to its versatile modular system, a SHUFFLE can integrate both a Base Unit and a Terminal Unit.


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