Schréder - SHUFFLE Gigabit Wireless Network

Say goodbye to heavy-duty infrastructure works! We all need the internet, and fibre optics is one of the fastest modes of transport for information and telecommunications. However, installing lightning speed fibre throughout the city is not that easy and can be cost prohibitive. It requires bulky and expensive infrastructure work. Moreover, with lease lines from private companies, cities are locked in costly partnerships. With its Wireless backhaul module, SHUFFLE provides an opportunity for cities and municipalities to take charge of multi- gigabit networks and not have to wait on private companies. SHUFFLE enables cities to repurpose the existing lighting infrastructure to provide fibre-like citywide connectivity . There is no need to wait anymore for a carrier to lay new fibre optic lines or put up with the lengthy and expensive permitting process and trenching work – which often disrupts traffic and disturbs residents. Save streets from cluttering City administrators take advantage of a multi-gigabit network that can grow with the city needs, new applications or geographic expansions. Infrastructure is one of the primary ways that towns and cities can make themselves more competitive. Build the right network at the right time, and new residents, jobs and businesses will come! Our streets are becoming more and more overloaded with cumbersome pieces of technology and hardware. All might be there for the better, but their physical presence obstructs the urban landscape and diminishes the overall experience for people. According to Gestalt psychologists, people perceive entire patterns or configurations, not merely individual components. This means that they evaluate the visual quality of streetscapes and cities as a whole. Today urban planners are more concerned about the damage that these objects (commercial signs, communication or security hardware, etc.) are causing to the urban landscape. SHUFFLE offers multiple technologies in one eye-pleasing column. This smart design reduces clutter in public spaces while bringing an elegant touch to outdoor living spaces.


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