Schréder - SHUFFLE Gigabit Wireless Network

Partnering for wireless smart city applications Schréder and Siklu are building a strategic partnership to bring innovative smart city solutions to the market and leverage lighting infrastructure to create safer, more resilient and enjoyable urban environments. Designed by Schréder, SHUFFLE is a connected, modular approach to outdoor hardware with plug-and-play rotatable modules that contain pre-certified hardware. This smart lighting column integrates features such as loudspeakers, CCTV cameras, WiFi, intercoms, warning strobes and EV chargers. SHUFFLE is a completely energy-efficient yet affordable smart city solution that requires very low maintenance. Through the partnership with Siklu, SHUFFLE becomes more connected than ever with wireless fibre connectivity . Siklu is a leading company in mmWave wireless connectivity radios, bringing high-speed gigabit connectivity to the world. Siklu has unique expertise when it comes to providing field-proven mmWave solutions with carrier-class performance, the longest range on the market, compact and light equipment and extensive point-to-multi-point portfolio operating over the 60Ghz band. Siklu is continuously looking for new opportunities to change people’s lives for the better through the magic of wireless fibre communication systems. The collaboration with Schréder on the SHUFFLE Wireless backhaul enables cities and municipalities to benefit from a street-level gigabit network.


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