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Continuous LED line for tunnel lighting

CONTILED is designed to provide a beneficial alternative to luminaires fitted with fluorescent lamps for continuous line lighting in tunnels and underpasses. It not only provides the required lighting levels with significant energy savings but also great visual comfort to guide motorists safely. CONTILED is an IP 66 sealed optical unit, offering variable combinations of modules equipped with 8 to 64 LEDs and various optics, to be combined with a remote driver box. It has been designed to meet the specific needs of many different tunnel applications. The LED modules are located on an internal slider, which can be easily removed, allowing replacement at the end of its service life in order to take advantage of future technological improvements.




Typical luminaire output flux (range)

1,000 to 8,200lm

2,100 to 16,500lm

Colour temperature

Neutral white

UL 1598 CSA C22 . 2 No . 250 . 0

IK 08

IP 66


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