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Powerful tunnel lighting solution

TAG takes advantage of the latest innovations to offer a compact, lightweight, easy-to-install, versatile and powerful tunnel lighting solution. With TAG, Schréder is exploiting the full potential of the latest digital technology to improve tunnel environments. The flat, compact and robust mechanical design of the TAG minimises mounting constraints and ensures that the optical units occupy little space in the tunnel ceiling. The TAG range is not only designed to reduce investment. It is also optimised to provide state- of-the-art lighting that guarantees a safe and comfortable driving experience for motorists with significant energy and maintenance savings for tunnel operators. TAG benefits from Schréder’s long-standing expertise in tunnel lighting. This new range is fully compliant with the most stringent standards and can be managed by the Advanced Tunnel control System (ATS) from Schréder, to offer the biggest savings while providing an optimal experience for drivers.




Recommended installation height Typical luminaire output flux (range)

4 to 6m / 13’ to 20’

7000to 26,200lm

16,500 to 56,500lm

Colour temperature

Neutral white 740

UL 1598 CSA C22 . 2 No . 250 . 0

IK 08

IP 66


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