Schréder - Tunnel product range


The preassembled tool-free fire- rated cables and connectors used for TFLEX reduce installation time and improve quality and reliability.

The TFLEX platform is built around a tool-free philosophy for opening/closing as well as power, control and internal cabling.

Designed with two electronic circuits, TFLEX enables constant dimming with an optimised power factor.

The TFLEX range offers various mounting options for ceiling or wall mounting with fixed or tiltable fixations.


BASE - 4 slots for tie-rod mounting

BASE - short bracket

BASE - long bracket

BASE - Adjustable fixation 3G compliant

BASE, COMBI & MODULE - Hook fi xation

COMBI & MODULE - standard fi xed brackets

COMBI & MODULE - adjustable swivelling mounting

COMBI & MODULE - pull-out swivelling wall mounting

COMBI & MODULE - adjustable swivelling wall mounting

COMBI - pull-out swivelling suspended mounting


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