Schréder EXEDRA - pametni sistem kontrole osvetljenja

Maximising both savings and safety

Customer profile Councillors for finance and security in a village.

Challenge Keeping the budget under control while providing the highest safety to citizens in places with random night activity.

Solution Schréder EXEDRA enables the creation of lighting scenarios including the most efficient dimming profiles and light-on- demand features based on sensor detection. The selection of sensor(s) to which the luminaires react and the associated configuration parameters (i.e. trigger activation delay, hold time) are easily assigned to luminaire controllers. The detection events generate useful data for decision-making regarding future investments and priorities. Impact The savings on lighting expenditures free up budget for other areas. The village also minimises its carbon footprint. With lighting levels turned up upon detection, citizens enjoy a feeling of safety and well-being when they use critical areas such as pedestrian crossings, alleys or isolated bike paths.


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