Schréder EXEDRA - pametni sistem kontrole osvetljenja

If data were gold, it wouldn’t mean you would have to become a miner. Schréder EXEDRA brings it to you with all the clarity you need to drive decisions and manage your city.

Through advanced data analytics tools, presented both visually and in reports, Schréder EXEDRA is a powerful tool for efficiency, rationalisation and decision making . In the short term, it is about the direct financial and operational benefits. However long-term it is about great strategic decisions that will shape the future.

Schréder EXEDRA collects massive amounts of data from end devices, aggregating, analysing and intuitively displaying them to help end-users take the right actions . Schréder EXEDRA contributes to maintaining city infrastructures, to consistently provide safety, comfort and well-being to citizens.

Benefits of data-driven decision making with Schréder EXEDRA

Reduced costs

Increased speed

Continuous improvement

Collaborative decision-making

Better planning


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