Schréder EXEDRA - pametni sistem kontrole osvetljenja

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Search for or move an existing asset, create a new asset, scan a controller QR-Code to associate it with an asset. From his/her position, the user can select an asset on the map or use the search feature to find it. He/she can use a mobile phone camera to take a photo and associate it with the asset.

Smooth commissioning

Real-time control and settings

Check the current status of a luminaire: power consumption, dimming profile, asset information, etc. Use the manual control to perform a test procedure and to adjust the luminaire parameters (e.g. dimming profile).

Effective maintenance

Set alarms, create tickets for specific luminaires and assign them to maintenance operators. Geolocation (map view), ID or QR code search tool make it easy to work on faulty luminaires, maximising the efficiency of the field team.


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