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Our fully integrated 360-degree service provides the confidence and focus to outcomes in whatever the needs may be from classroom to sports field, car park and campus we are fully engineered to deliver a return on the funding investment for today and in future releasing vital budgets for other priorities.


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Workspace Solutions Connecting Spaces, Places, and People through tailored product and service workspace solutions.

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Putting the world to light since 1907


Connecting Education spaces and places to enable improved environments while enhancing standards and improving the learning experience. For over 30 Years Urbis Schréder has been an integral part of the UK’s exterior and interior lighting solutions. Providing fully integrated solutions delivering highly efficient products and service that is fully aligned to our customer outcomes. Our fully integrated 360-degree service provides the confidence and focus to outcomes in whatever the needs maybe from Classroom to Sports field, car park and campus we are fully engineered to deliver a return on the funding investment for today and in future releasing vital budgets for other priorities. In addition to lighting, we have partnered with key heating and funding organisations to also deliver beyond lighting benefits.


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Our feedback Don’t just take our word for it, ask our customers and review the results for yourself!

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We follow a step by step programme so that all our clients receive the same level of service and get the best options for them. We look at your scope of work and work closely with you to come up with your desired outcome.


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Before A � er

Before A � er

With rising energy costs there has never been a better time to review your lighitng costs and consider the opportunites that are available to lower them. Depending on your existing luminaire technology and control sytem, savings of up to 80% are achievable. Over the last 12 months we have helped over 30 schools and campuses improve not only their annual running costs but also deliver real improvements to the learning environment attracting great reactions….

Detailed ROI service

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Urbis Schréder were a pleasure to work with from the beginning to the end of the project. Working nights meant that we could operate the school during the day with no issues at all - the site was left spotless after each session and the handover between Schréder staff and our premises team was as smooth as you could ask for. Communication between myself and Urbis Schréder was fantastic and their knowledge and professionalism meant it was a joy to work with them.

A special mention to Alex and his team for their tireless efforts and can-do attitude when faced with difficulties and determination to over-deliver.


Sam Baldwin Business Manager St Ursulas, Greenwich

Future proofing Let’s get connected Optional Control is available, you decide if it’s right for you.

Our control options Pick the right one for you.

If you are after a control option, you can choose one that fits your needs, we have four options to pick from for your interior lighting. If you are after a control option for a sports field, be it indoors or outdoors we have iTerra, this allows you to easily control your luminaires when you need them. From football to basketball, to BMX tracks to running tracks the solution can dim or brighten, and group and schdule changes as you need it. Why is intergrating a control system important?


With our ability to also include a connected control solution we can also ensure that additional savings are realised and as classrooms change in their needs as the educational leadership teams decide different light levels can be provided.


Group Control

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We can help you deliver spaces that people love to live , work and play in.

Individual Control

Zone Control

Switch Control

Presence Detection Absense Detection

Daylight Sensing

To get the right light, where, when and how it is needed

Corridor Hold

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Scencs Control

To ease the lighting control and its configuration

Daylight Harvesting


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Web Floorplan Dashboard

To reduce cost, energy consuption and risk by control lighting assets

Off Site Monitoring Energy Monitoring

         

To reduce envrionmental impact and generate carbon savings

Co2 Monitoring

Tempreature Monitoring

Humidity Monitoring

To avoid rewiring of DALI cable in the case of a retrofit project (wireless feature)

Space Utilisation


Emergency Monitoring

Manual Emergency

Self Test | Auto Emergency

Addressable Emergency

Our solutions We have a range of products available for both your interior and exterior needs.

SPORTS ECOBLAST is a range of high-performing floodlights designed to provide the right light where, when and how it is needed in indoor and outdoor sports venues such as football or baseball fields, rugby pitches, tennis courts and hockey arenas. This LED floodlight is a straightforward solution for retrofit projects as it is fully compatible with existing infrastructures for mounting sports lighting fixtures..

BUILDING EXTERIOR Engineered for performance the ZENITH combines attractive aesthetics with high performance, in a practical robust housing that is suitable for any public space. The area distribution lens provides even illumination with the benfit of selectable lumen output and choice of 3000K or 4000K, all in one product.

T he PILZEO light provides a contemporary design for a well-known shape. Using state- of-the-art LED technology, PILZEO ensures photometric performance to provide safety and well-being in public spaces such as schools, residential areas, squares and bicycle paths. PLAYGROUND AND CARPARKING

PILZEO is the best choice for for efficiency, ambiance and classic design.This decorative post-top luminaire is also connected-ready for your future Smart requirements.


The multi-functional SHUFFLE column creates safe spaces, connects people to the internet, informs and entertains them, while keeping an elegant and discreet presence that blends into any area. Comfortable ambient lighting creates attractive environments, while state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, with digital zoom or fully motorised control, keep an eye on people and their valuables such as bicycles, deterring the unwary and providing a sense of security. Designed as a future proof modular system, SHUFFLE can also offer charging stations for e-bikes and vechicles.

The PHAROS and EV PHAROS bollard offers ‘fit and forget’ reliability, designed and tested for ‘real world’ vandal resistance, ensuring the longevity of the product, in line with in dustry-leading LED technology. It offers two photometrical options: a symmetrical distribution and an asymmetrical distribution, with the option of an opal or clear protector. Design is tailored depending on the specific applicati on. PERIMETER

INTERIOR LIGHTING We can supply interior products and solutions to fit your needs, they enhance space and make learning easier and fun. We can provide a beneficial LED alternative to luminaires with fluorescent lamps that offer a uniform and comfortable lighting for typical indoor venues such as reception areas, classrooms, sports halls, corridors and lifts. This well-designed LED system has the potential to replicate sunlight more accurately than fluorescent bulbs. They stimulate the brain and subsequently improve accuracy. It creates a brightly-lit environment that contributes to happier and healthier pupils.

St Mary’s School, Ascot

York Univeristy, Pilzeo


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