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Market Leaders Africa’s leading manufacturer of Luminaires and Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Poles

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Origin 1978: We commenced operations in Namibia. Our products became successfully established in neighbouring South Africa. 1981: We relocated to Olifantsfontein, a strategically positioned industrial town situated between Johannesburg and Pretoria.

2002: We entered into a partnership with the Belgian company Schréder, a multinational lighting company that is present in about 35 countries. 2013: We became a wholly owned Schréder company, allowing us to embrace the latest technologies, such as optimising light control technologies, for which Schréder are well renowned.

Schréder ITERRA

Smart sports lighting control solution

Inhouse R&D

With the Schréder ITERRA smart sports lighting solutions you benefit from: • Quick and easy implementation • Open technologies and standards • Outstanding user experience • Futureproof solution • Cost effective control system • Additional energy savings & increased lifetime of luminaires • Remote and physical control, data monitoring and preventive maintenance

LAUNCH: Q3 2021

Our success can be attributed to the research and development of our luminaire and pole ranges, ensuring the appropriate mechanical and thermal product integrity in the environmental conditions of the African continent.

BEKA Schréder became SA’s first lighting company to be awarded ISO 9000 certification. This commitment to quality became the company’s hallmark, enabling us to become Africa’s largest lighting manufacturer and market leader in exterior lighting.

Lighting Solution Offer

Motorways | Urban & residential streets | Squares & Pedestrian areas | Large areas | Industrial halls & Warehouses | Accent & Architectural | Bridges | Sport venues | Tunnels & Underpasses

By combining the best of LED technology with a wide range of control systems, our solutions can offer huge energy savings of up to 85% and radically reduce the payback time of a new installation. Committed to Save Energy

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