Najac - FRANCE

A place Najac, in the Aveyron department, is one of the most beautiful villages in France. It overlooks the Aveyron valley and offers calm to its inhabitants and tourists. In 2011, the local authorities initiated a development project on both ends of the village with the Place de la Pause and the Place du Faubourg, which liest at the heart of the village.

A need As part of the public lighting work, Anne Bureau (Wonderfulight agency) was commissioned to find the right lighting solution for this charming public space and to unify the village’s lighting. After numerous unsuccessful searches in various catalogues of manufacturers, she decided to work with Schréder SIGNATURE to create a unique brand new luminaire for Najac, inspired by the 17th-century lanterns.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution From the first discussions to the final product, the design of this lantern equipped with LED technology and called NAJACOISE took almost two years. Schréder SIGNATURE used several mockups for design validation before making a working prototype and adjusting it several times. The NAJACOISE lantern is equipped with 24 warm white LEDs for street lighting and three additional LEDs to create the decorative diffusing effect of the mask, whose patterns are inspired by the characteristic slate roofs of the region. ‘‘At night, the NAJACOISE lantern catches the eye’’, explains Anne Bureau. ‘‘With only a few watts, it brings a soft and original visual presence.’’ Consecrating the success of this collaboration, the NAJACOISE lantern has since been integrated into Schréder’s catalogue and has won over other cities, which have taken advantage of its customisation possibilities.

Lighting design Anne Bureau (Wonderfulight)


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