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How can SHUFFLE Light

In a park or on a promenade after work, people like to go for a walk or practice a sport. Lighting plays a vital role in their experience as it enables them to stroll or work out in confidence, comfort and safety. People feel free, and even encouraged, to make the most of green spaces and promenades if they can do so in the right conditions. However, changes in the level of activity in these spaces sometimes means that lighting at full power is a waste of energy. Why light an environment if no-one is using it? SHUFFLE Light integrates intelligent drivers, a control system and infrared sensors (PIR) to create light-on-demand scenarios. Most of the time, the light is dimmed to a security level. It is only when people are detected that the light goes up and guides them in their evening activities. Joggers, walkers and cyclists enjoy these safe and comfortable environments. encourage outdoor activities?

How can SHUFFLE Light

Cities are full of architectural details, monuments, statues and pieces of art that deserve to be highlighted with the perfect lighting solution. Although, expertise in photometry plays a key role in achieving a good result, the challenge can be elsewhere. Where can the floodlights be installed? Is power available? How can the cabling be hidden? How can the system be protected from vandalism? With its integrated spotlight and its high impact resistance, SHUFFLE Light provides the perfect solution to all of these challenges. With its elegant yet robust design, this smart column is able to cover all the lighting needs of an area, including architectural lighting. SHUFFLE Light is ideal for lighting streets and squares and at the same time illuminating the jewels of the city. celebrate art and heritage?


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