Schréder - SHUFFLE oświetlenie

SHUFFLE LIGHT For endless challenges

How do you redesign your urban spaces with elegance? How could a modular system declutter and free-up space in city centres? How could simplicity and integration improve urban planning and create places people love to spend time in? Why is being Futureproof important? SHUFFLE Light is a connected, modular approach to outdoor hardware with plug-and-play rotatable modules that contain pre-certified hardware. This preconfigured version of the smart multi-functional SHUFFLE column is designed to meet the various lighting needs of an area with elegance and high energy efficiency . Its aesthetic design integrates various lighting modules (360°, spot and light ring) with smart control features for dimming and light-on-demand scenarios. The SHUFFLE Light smart column can be installed in any place where its versatility, connectivity and simplicity create additional value beyond basic lighting. Designed to light roads, streets, squares and other places where creating a pleasant atmosphere is a key element, SHUFFLE Light benefits from a wide range of photometries and provides aesthetic consistency for various urban environments. It offers the perfect tool for placemaking as it frees up space that can be then used to enhance the urban experience and promote people’s health, happiness and well-being. As nothing is cast in concrete, SHUFFLE Light is designed as a futureproof system. Modules can be upgraded, changed or added to meet the ever-changing needs of a place. It enables municipalities to start their smart city journey and evolve.


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