Schréder - SHUFFLE Campus


3 use cases

Connectivity is a vital part of everyday life, especially for students. With SHUFFLE Campus, the wireless network is expanded to outdoor areas where they gather to socialise, collaborate and exchange. Thanks to a broadband connection, they can access all online courses and other digital platforms in areas equipped with outdoor furniture. SHUFFLE Campus also provides the right lighting level at any time thanks to responsive light-on-demand scenarios triggered by integrated sensors. extend university facilities for students? How can SHUFFLE Campus (Basic)

The shopping mall provides free wireless internet access to shoppers and then use this as a channel to tailor communication and promotion, along with audio messages broadcasted by the public address loudspeaker. Shopping mall managers gain granular, in-depth understanding of the shopping and buying patterns of visitors, as they can pinpoint where customers are at any given time, which stores they visit and which they bypass. Then they can better define development and commercial strategies. create a connected vibrant experience for shoppers? How can SHUFFLE Campus (Core)


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