Schréder - Large area & floodlighting solutions

The Schréder Circle Light App is the practical tool for on-site programming and quick one-for- one driver replacement, to refurbish installed luminaires and extend their life while maintaining the desired operating mode.

It helps lighting operators and installers to:

Access all relevant luminaire information by scanning a QR code Program luminaire settings on site and reduce inventory complexity Capture asset installation data View installed luminaires on a map interface Read diagnostic information and operating history on site Extend luminaire life while preserving existing settings



Easily upgrade your existing installations with the Schréder CIRCLE LED BASE retrofit kits, sustainable solutions that extend the life of your luminaires. They help you reduce waste, comply with light pollution regulations, minimise maintenance and save energy. With the CIRCLE LED BASE, you can meet the principles of a circular economy without the need for new wiring or changes to your existing lighting infrastructure. Easy to upgrade : adapts to existing luminaire frames for LED conversion or replacement. Easy installation : plug-and-play design for quick and convenient installation. Extended infrastructure life : replace light sources for improved efficiency, preserving existing infrastructure. Enhanced performance : superior features including glare control, flicker control, extended life, light pollution reduction and improved safety.




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