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A Schréder világítási és világításon túlmutató megoldásai jelentőségteljes pillanatokat szereznek a közterületeken tartózkodó emberek számára a biztonság, a jóllét és a fenntarthatóság fokozása révén. Világítási szakértőink ügyfeleinkkel közösen dolgoznak az emberek, a közösség és a bolygó javát egyaránt szolgáló terek kialakításán.

Smart and sustainable lighting solutions For safe, pleasant and connected environments

Lightability TM a spirit, a mission, our beliefs

With a century-long tradition of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Schéder pushes the limits of smart lighting. We are broadening our expertise to not only light the urban environment but also provide more services to interact with public spaces and the people in them.

We help local authorities establish open, interoperable platforms and provide easy-to- integrate infrastructure that not only improves the quality of life in cities but also the quality of democracy. We care about taxpayers’ money and provide the best cost/benefit for citizens. Hence we encourage more effective use of public finances by integrating public policies and operational cost reductions through new technologies. We stimulate active, open and inclusive participation of actors belonging to a city’s innovation eco-system, to foster the social, environmental and economic development of businesses and citizens. We strive to create inclusive environments that stimulate accessibility for people with disabilities, encourage gender and ethnic equity, and bring new opportunities to vulnerable places in cities. We encourage and implement training initiatives for citizens, planners and public managers on lighting & smarter cities in an open, transparent and non-biased way.






































































































Your partner in sustainability

Schréder has developed a cohesive, company- wide sustainability strategy called “ Together for our Future ”. This commitment is structured around three axes encompassing the relevant prioritised UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainability is embedded into our strategy, structure, processes and culture. At Schréder, we collaborate closely with our customers to develop robust and long-term solutions to meet the challenges they face, while adding value with a positive, lasting impact on society and the environment.

PLANET Being responsible for the planet

COMMUNITY Being responsible for the community by having a resolutely positive impact on society through our solutions.

by reducing our own and our customers’ environmental impact.

PEOPLE Being responsible for our staff members by developing human growth through diversity and respect for human rights.

«Our role as market leader motivates us to take part in the global battle against climate change and contribute to respectful economic development. We help communities face their biggest challenges, making the world more sustainable.»

Werner de Wolf CEO – Schréder

A company strongly committed to sustainability

EcoVadis evaluates more than 85,000 organisations in over 160 countries and in over 200 industries every year. Based on 21 criteria, the rating assesses a company’s performance in four categories: Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. The EcoVadis gold rating aknowledges the efforts being made every day by every single Schréder employee to enable a better and more

sustainable world. More information:

Being responsible for the planet

Manufacturing according to the highest environmental standards

All Schréder factories are certified ISO 14001:2015 which recognises their efforts for their environmental management system. For each factory, a continuous improvement plan for resource efficiency and waste management is put into action by the quality manager. More information:

Transparency throughout the complete product life cycle

To provide our customers with clear information on the environmental impact of each luminaire, Schréder relies on a product life cycle analysis tool (Instant LCA), developed in collaboration with an independent agency (in accordance with the principles of ISO 14040:2006). The results are available in the Product Environmental Profile (PEP) documents. They summarise the luminaire’s life cycle assessment, by examining its environmental impact throughout its life cycle, from raw material extraction to end of life. The PEP documents are available upon request to all customers to help them demonstrate their regulatory compliance and commitment to minimising their environmental footprint.

Building a circular ecosystem

Schréder takes the circular economy into account, right from the outset. From the concept phase, design guidelines not only consider the production and environmental impact of our luminaires. They also facilitate removing components and increasing the standardisation of parts and the materials' separability once their working life is over. The Schréder Circle Light Label designates products that are optimised for a circular economy without compromising on quality. We assess our luminaires to evaluate their potential circularity through 12 objective criteria in 5 categories:

Performance Maintenance Refurbishment Non-destructive disassembly Recycling

The Schréder Smart Label allows installers and infrastructure managers to access essential luminaire information by scanning a QR code. It enables project specific details to be added during installation and facilitates communication between installers and city managers. Troubleshooting assistance and spare parts ordering are also available via the Smart Label, ensuring reliable information on luminaires, anytime, anywhere. Provides instant access to luminaire information via QR code scanning (works online and offline) Provides the ability to add key information during installation Facilitates interaction between installers and city managers Provides support for repairs and parts ordering

The Schréder Circle Light App is the practical tool for on-site programming and quick one-for- one driver replacement, to refurbish installed luminaires and extend their life while maintaining the desired operating mode.

It helps lighting operators and installers to:

Access all relevant luminaire information by scanning a QR code Program luminaire settings on site and reduce inventory complexity Capture asset installation data View installed luminaires on a map interface Read diagnostic information and operating history on site Extend luminaire life while preserving existing settings



Easily upgrade your existing installations with the Schréder CIRCLE LED BASE retrofit kits, sustainable solutions that extend the life of your luminaires. They help you reduce waste, comply with light pollution regulations, minimise maintenance and save energy. With the CIRCLE LED BASE, you can meet the principles of a circular economy without the need for new wiring or changes to your existing lighting infrastructure. Easy to upgrade : adapts to existing luminaire frames for LED conversion or replacement. Easy installation : plug-and-play design for quick and convenient installation. Extended infrastructure life : replace light sources for improved efficiency, preserving existing infrastructure. Enhanced performance : superior features including glare control, flicker control, extended life, light pollution reduction and improved safety.




Solutions for maximised energy efficiency

CUSTOM FACTORY DRIVER SETTINGS Intelligent luminaire drivers can be programmed in the factory with complex dimming profiles. The period between switching on and switching off is used to activate the preset dimming profile . The customised dimming system


100 %

80 %



40 %

20 %

generates maximum energy savings while respecting the required lighting levels and uniformity throughout the night.




23 01

03 05 07

SENSORS FOR AUTONOMOUS DYNAMIC SCENARIOS Photoelectric sensors switch on the luminaires exactly when natural light becomes insufficient (cloudy day, night fall, etc.) so as to provide safety and comfort in the public space. In places with little nocturnal activity, lighting can be dimmed to a minimum most of the time. By using motion sensors such as PIR sensors or radars (taking into account speed and direction criteria), levels can be raised as soon as a pedestrian or a vehicle is detected in the area.

ADVANCED REMOTE CONTROL SYTEMS With its user-friendly remote control systems for intelligent lighting, Schréder integrates advanced features for programming the most efficient dimming profiles based on endless variables (calendar days, special events, seasons, etc.) while providing safety, comfort and a sense of well-being for people. Schréder can integrate smart lighting applications such as the ability to adapt the colour of the light or build dynamic lighting scenarios through PIR sensors or radars. As they offer complete interoperability , Schréder control systems can manage controllers/ sensors and control luminaires from other manufacturers.

Towards environmental excellence of the built environment

We encourage our customers to think strategically about sustainability, co-creating solutions that improve their performance against a wide variety of sustainability criteria. By drawing on our long experience in designing high-performance, low-energy spaces, we can deliver lighting solutions with all the necessary documentation to help our customers achieve BREEAM certification . BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a certification based on the leading sustainability assessment method for buildings, communities and infrastructure projects. Using Schréder solutions, up to 17 credits (counting for 6 of the 10 criteria considered) can be achieved in the BREEAM assessment.

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Tackling climate change with renewable energy

SOLAR SYSTEMS TO DECARBONISE LIGHTING With its solar-powered systems, Schréder helps cities and municipalities decarbonise their lighting. The combination of the best technology for harvesting, storing and releasing solar energy with the latest lighting concepts guarantees the best use of renewable energy in the fight against climate change.


Energy savings No electricity bills. Solar systems operate autonomously, using only renewable energy from the sun. Installation savings No need for electrical infrastructure. Installation costs are much lower than grid-connected lighting, especially in remote areas or areas with difficult terrain. Maintenance savings No reliance on power transmission or distribution infrastructure. There are fewer components to wear out or require maintenance. The solar panels are self-cleaning. Environmental savings No heavy infrastructure work to install. No greenhouse gas emissions or other environmental impact during operation. LED-based solar street lighting solutions are becoming more accessible and cost-effective, driving their adoption in various regions. They provide cities and municipalities with various types of savings.

A SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION FOR MANY APPLICATIONS Solar lighting has become a credible alternative to grid-powered lighting for a wide range of typical outdoor applications: from roads to bike paths, car parks to campuses, recreational sports facilities to business facilities, solar lighting may be the best solution for your project!


The IZYLUM, TECEO GEN2 and CITEA NG2 ranges now have specific solar versions as part of the Schréder EKINOX powered by Sunna Design range. With up to 180 lm/W, these optimised solutions make the most of every available watt of solar energy to create safe and comfortable conditions for end users.

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Being responsible for the community

The right light where, when and how it is needed The art of smart lighting consists of putting the kind of light you request where you need it, and taking it away from where you don't require it and when you don't want it. Schréder is your partner for maximising the advantages of lighting while taking care of the environment and improving your operational benefit. With our modern and versatile technologies enabling a " Dim It, Aim It, Tone It, Change It " philosophy, we offers our customers complete flexibility to modulate light according to any environmental challenge.

As pioneers in lighting technology, our lighting solutions deliver the right light in the right place. We have developed numerous photometric engines over the years to provide the best solution for every project in terms of performance, comfort, desired outcome and return on investment. We constantly strive to innovate and develop solutions that are as positive for people as they are sustainable for the environment. We combine our technical and photometrical know-how to meet the most demanding lighting standards . A guarantee of the best photometric solution

High-power 2mm 2

Mid-power 2mm 2

High-power 2mm 2

High-power 2mm 2

High-power 2 or 4mm 2

High-power 2 or 4mm 2

LED type

PMMA lenses

PMMA lenses

Polycarbonate lenses

PMMA lenses PMMA collimators Aluminium reflectors


Lenses integrated in the PC protector

Flat glass or deep protector

Flat glass or PC protector

Flat glass or PC protector

Flat glass

Flat glass


Options (depending on luminaire)

Back light control Glare limiter

Back light control Glare limiter


Back light control



Where very asymmetrical beams and visual comfort are both required

All road, urban, tunnel applications and beyond

All road applications and beyond

All road applications and beyond

Continuous line lighting in tunnels

Floodlighting and large areas

Typical applications

Number of optics







With its PureNight concept based on high-end lighting designs with state-of-the-art photometrical platforms and aiming accessories, Schréder offers the ultimate solution for bringing the night sky back without switching off cities. With Schréder PureNight solutions, you can direct the light only where it is wanted and needed . PureNight: dark sky, bright ideas







The right colour temperature at any time

To choose is to forsake. When it comes to deciding which colour temperature you will opt for, it is never a happy moment. You know that a colder white light optimises performance while a warmer one is more preferable to people and animal natural cycles. What if you didn’t have to choose? The Schréder FlexiWhite solution offers you the freedom to use the right colour temperature at any time.

Whether it relies on pre-programmed scenarios, works with the our remote control systems, uses sensors or a mix of all three, the FlexiWhite solution offers you the flexibility to provide the right level with the right colour temperature at the right place and the right time .

CASE #1 Preservation of nature,


Nature-friendly, minimal safety lighting

promotion of active mobility Environment: Bike/pedestrian path FlexiWhite solution: Amber as default, 3000K upon detection.



people detection, maximised safety and comfort (high visibility)




8 H 9 H 10 H 11 H 0 H 1 H 2 H 3 H 4 H

5 H 6 H 7 H 8 H

CASE #2 Attractiveness, ambiance and circadian rhythm Environment: City centre FlexiWhite solution: 2200K, 3000K and everything in between.

Early evening/ early morning Stimulating atmosphere 3000K – 30lux

2700K – 20lux

Evening/early night Quieter ambiance


2700K 2200K

Night Completely calm mood 2200K – 5lux




8 H 9 H 10 H 11 H 0 H 1 H 2 H 3 H 4 H 5 H 6 H 7 H 8 H

Complying with the strictest environmental regulations

Each country, if not each region, has its own environmental regulations. They can be more or less strict and focus on certain specific criteria. All of them are largely inspired by the EU green public procurement policy for road lighting, issued in 2019. Regulation strives to: Limit ULOR to max. 1%;

Reduce glare: at least 95% of the light emission is confined to angles below 14.5 degrees from the horizontal; Restrict the emission of blue light with CCT <3000K; Restrain the amount of light to less than 35lm/m 2 ; Prohibit intrusive lighting towards dwellings and any kind of lighting of waterways and the sea.

The PureNight certification software developed by Schréder guarantees that your lighting solution satisfies environmental laws and requirements . Schréder has its own certified laboratory and is also endorsed by numerous independent certification bodies.

Preserving the ecosystem

Fauna and flora can suffer from high light intensity, the colour spectrum (blue light) and excessive lighting over time. Only experts can minimise the disturbance to the different species of fish, insects and endangered animals . Trees and hedgerows are natural environments for bats, while rivers and canals are also important for foraging. Certain species of bat are very sensitive to light. Light pollution, i.e. excessive lighting and uncontrolled light spill, contributes significantly to insect mortality. The Schréder PureNight photometry meets dark- sky specifications (0% ULOR and 2200K) and take advantage of accessories (backlight control and glare limiter) to focus the light only where it is needed. Schréder’s FlexiWhite solution combines dimming and colour temperature changes according to fixed or on-demand scenarios with sensors for safe and environmentally-friendly lighting . The IP66 design of our luminaires prevent insects from entering and being captured in the housing. With low driving current, the outer surface of the housing maintains a low temperature, preventing insects from dying from the heat. With the right luminaire design, photometry, colour temperature and dimming scenario, Schréder protects wildlife and contributes to the preservation of the ecosystem.


Supporting communities towards active mobility

SOLUTIONS FOR SAFE PEDESTRIAN CROSSINGS Effective lighting for pedestrian crossings needs to do three things. Firstly, ensure the crossing is highly visible and distinguishable from the surrounding area. Next, it needs to give drivers clear visibility of pedestrians approaching and using the crossing. And

It comes down to providing a lighting solution that has a high vertical illuminance on pedestrians, so they are clearly visible from the driver’s position, and horizontal illuminance on the pedestrian crossing for people crossing the road. Of course, our solutions save energy, are sustainably manufactured and look aesthetically pleasing, as well.

finally, lighting should minimise glare for drivers. Schréder has a long history of developing specific optics to light pedestrian crossings to ensure safety for both motorists and pedestrians and help them share the public space in a safer manner.

Horizontal illuminance

Vertical illuminance

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SMART LIGHTING, SMART BIKING We are living in the age of the cycle revival. Electric bikes also are becoming more affordable, meaning that this trend is very likely to continue. But getting a bike is only part of the story: safe, attractive routes and user-friendly infrastructure play a huge role in encouraging people out of their cars. When it comes to switching to cycling, feeling safe is just as important as being safe. Lighting plays a huge role in this, and it’s something that we’ve quietly

become experts in over the years at Schréder, helping cities from Rio to Budapest to not just accommodate, but actively encourage, cycling. Our smart lighting solutions for bicycle paths ensure that we provide the right light at all times in the right places. They minimise energy consumption, respect wildlife, facilitate network expansion, optimise maintenance operations and asset management while offering the best user experience.

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Being responsible with people

Valuing difference, being inclusive, and embracing diversity

At Schréder, every employee is valued for her or his skill set. We actively look for and choose employees based on their experience and the value they bring to the company. This concept is underlined in our Code of Conduct . The diversity of the staff, in all its forms (skills, experience, age, gender, culture, etc.), is a source of renewal, innovation and creativity . In line with the UN’s goals, we decided to focus our efforts primarily on gender diversity and equality, as this is still an on- going concern in society as a whole.

Protecting human rights

Schréder has adopted the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct as its standard on human rights. Our goal is to protect human rights directly and indirectly by ensuring that Schréder’s entities and their supply chain are safe and that workers are treated with respect and dignity. We require all our suppliers to confirm adherence and compliance with the RBA standard.

More info:

Training and education

Schréder has developed its own internal training academy called SKILL, which stands for Sharing Knowledge in Light and Lighting. SKILL’s mission is to increase Schréder employees’ and stakeholders’ competencies to successfully face changes in the lighting market such as smart lighting and new control systems. SKILL also develops e-learning and online courses, both for Schréder employees and customers.

Creating your custom solution While our standard lighting solutions are engineered for performance and designed for customer satisfaction, we regularly receive requests for a bespoke touch or a more unique solution. Schréder STUDIO comes into play to deliver a bespoke solution that fulfils customer expectations and environmental specifications.

Customer feedback plays a critical role in our innovative design process and we are continuously extending and improving our ranges. Yet, sometimes, our customers face specific technical constraints. Schréder STUDIO - our in-house custom design service - takes up the challenge, engineering dedicated solutions that match the same high quality as our standard luminaires. Schréder STUDIO tweaks and optimises features to meet our customers’ own technical preferences . These solutions, which meet specific individual requests, are designed to enable mass production, if needed.

From stock... or not!

Pairi Daiza - BELGIUM

Our efficient, transparent process delivers quality custom products in a short time. It all starts with a feasibility study and a cost assessment. The design phase explores every possible way of delivering the result. We work with multiple software packages to provide the calculations and visuals to facilitate validation . To ensure that the final product will meet expectations at every level, we use rapid prototyping to test the functionalities . This allows stakeholders to explore the fine details while enabling us to propose improvements for the final design.

Full-scope service

Bruges - BELGIUM


Vienna - AUSTRIA

Paris - FRANCE

Customisation, retrofitting or re-creation

The expertise of Schréder STUDIO also includes retrofitting existing luminaires or the complete re-creation of heritage lanterns with modern and connected LED technology. Whether customers are looking for lanterns for castle grounds, luminaires for an eastern style bazaar or a customised fixture, we can create tailor-made solutions to suit their specific needs. With the support of our Kandeláber team in Hungary, we transform their ideas into reality, even if they are just based on a few sketches. Put your thoughts on paper, send us your drawings or an old photo and we will design and develop your concept .

Budapest - HUNGARY

Schréder STUDIO adapts, retrofits or re-creates luminaires according to your technical preferences, with the same quality requirements we apply to our standard portfolio.

The opportunity to be unique While Schréder STUDIO is mainly about developing the bespoke luminaire that you need, Schréder SIGNATURE is more creative, delivering iconic solutions to light your city. Our team of experts can design a luminaire, lighting column or any other lighting structure to bring your ideas to life, reflecting your unique character and enhancing your space.

We work side by side with you, ideating and brainstorming to solve any complex challenges. We explore the different avenues and propose a number of different yet equally viable concepts. We can advise not only on the aesthetic result but also on the choice of materials, mounting and cabling. We provide different visuals to interact with our customers throughout the project. By creating 3D models, we resolve the final mechanical details and can provide visuals of the luminaire in its future location. With Schréder SIGNATURE, customers observe the fascinating evolution from a simple drawing to their own wonderful and unique lighting solution .

Schréder SIGNATURE delivers eye-catching lighting solutions that reflect your character and enhance your landscape.


Antwerp - BELGIUM

Bournemouth Pier Approach - UNITED KINGDOM

Vitré - FRANCE


Rennes - FRANCE

Mannheim - GERMANY



Cannes - FRANCE

Lorient - FRANCE


Janus 2021 de la Cité


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Nieuwpoort - BELGIUM

VisioLum 3D

VisioLum AR

Experience your lighting solution before implementing it

Visualisation and immersive technology bring value to every project. Innovative tools such as augmented reality are enablers for the experience of design and bringing solutions to life vividly, with a sense of scale and presence. Put the Schréder VisioLum applications in your pocket and enter a new dimension!

With the Schréder VisioLum 3D and AR mobile applications, try out your own lighting solution in the most effective, easiest and fun way possible.

VisioLum 3D: evaluate, configure and visualise

Schréder VisioLum 3D lets architects, lighting designers and town planners easily and quickly customise their own luminaire by testing out all the different designs, finishes and accessories. They can then combine the luminaire with a bracket and pole to discover how their own unique lighting solution could enhance their town or city both by day and by night. With an intuitive interface, you can explore endless possibilities to find the ideal solution with no need for mock-ups and 3D renderings , which can take

up a lot of time. You can zoom in and out and do a complete 360° turn to visualise the ensemble from all points of view. The App also enables you to save your choices and download the 3D files or a PDF with a summary of the configurations to share with colleagues and potential customers. The Schréder VisioLum 3D application is constantly expanding the possibilities with new products for ever more personalised solutions.

VisioLum AR: immerse yourself in reality 2.0

Augmented reality helps people view designs in context at very early stages – allowing the architect, contractor and customer to have the same spatial understanding of the environment. With Schréder VisioLum AR, you can integrate a customised solution from VisioLum 3D into an urban environment and then duplicate the number of lighting ensembles to see the overall effect, both in day or night views.

Solutions providing benefits beyond lighting

“Schréder Hyperion builds on Schréder’s century-long experience, knowledge and engineering to support cities with a specialised portfolio of relevant smart city solutions. In addition, Schréder Hyperion works with partners across the world, to complement today’s products and create additional opportunities for cities.”

NICOLAS KEUTGEN Chief Innovation Officer at Schréder

Innovation and inspiration for smarter cities

With Schréder Hyperion, Schréder is shaping the evolution of smart cities.

More than 80 experts in cloud computing, cybersecurity, machine learning, IoT and data analysis are working closely with customers to unlock the potential of urban infrastructures to address significant society challenges.

Located at the Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) in Carcavelos (Lisbon region), a brand new university campus, Schréder Hyperion aims to plan urban spaces, repurpose existing infrastructure and develop luminaire-based digital systems.

Schréder Hyperion provides practical information, training and solutions, to facilitate the transition to smarter and more sustainable cities. This centre of excellence is strategically based in the Lisbon area to take full advantage

of the strong tech talent. The city boasts a remarkably high number of qualified engineers per capita and so Schréder Hyperion seeks to leverage the thriving international tech ecosystem through collaboration and the implementation of research initiatives.

Schréder smart and connected solutions




4 th

years of experience

connected light points



Your city as smart as you want

Schréder EXEDRA is the most advanced lighting management system on the market for controlling, monitoring and analysing streetlights in a user-friendly way. It is the right tool for aligning value with short- and mid-term targets while sustaining a long-term vision.


> Remote control to maximise energy/maintenance savings while providing the right light to keep people safe and comfortable at any time in outdoor environments > Technology-agnostic platform: shared and open technologies to unlock complete interoperability > Plug-and-play solution > Intuitive and comprehensive City Management System for smart device management > Fully customisable user interface with personalised dashboards > Data collection, aggregation and analysis for decision-making based on practical visualisation and reports

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT With EXEDRA, Schréder has developed a futureproof platform that combines the constant need to address new challenges and to evolve with technology. Schréder relies on open standards and protocols to design an architecture able to interact seamlessly with third-party software and hardware solutions.

AT THE TOP OF YOUR GAME Schréder EXEDRA includes all the advanced features needed for smart device management, real-time and scheduled control, dynamic and automated lighting scenarios, maintenance and field operation planning, energy consumption management and third-party connected hardware integration.


Schréder EXEDRA is a plug-and-play solution that enables quick and easy deployment of a connected lighting network. An intelligent automated commissioning process recognises, verifies and retrieves luminaire data in the user interface.

GREAT INSIGHTS, GREAT DECISIONS Data is gold. Schréder EXEDRA provides this with all the clarity managers need to drive decisions. The platform collects massive amounts of data from terminal devices and aggregates, analyses and intuitively displays them to help end-users take the right actions .

PROTECTED ON EVERY SIDE Schréder EXEDRA provides state-of-the-art data security with encryption, hashing, tokenisation, and key management practices that protect data across the whole system and its associated services.

ISO 27001 BUREAU VERITAS Certification

Standardisation to enable custom IoT solutions

The Schréder EXEDRA system architecture is designed to interact with other software and hardware solutions seamlessly. How is this possible? Unlike proprietary systems that prevent interoperability and generate vendor lock-in or expensive proprietary integrations, Schréder EXEDRA is a complete solution based on open standards and protocols.

This interoperable platform ensures that customers can connect existing or third-party systems/ devices to Schréder EXEDRA and even means that we are open to working with our competitors.

Schréder plays a key role in driving standardisation with alliances and partners such as uCIFI, TalQ or D4i. Our joint commitment is to provide solutions designed for vertical and horizontal IoT integration . From the body (hardware) to the language (data model) and the intelligence (algorithms), the complete Schréder EXEDRA system relies on shared and open technologies.







Our ecosystem partners for technology-agnostic solutions

The end of proprietary wireless communication networks for smart cities and utilities The uCIFI Alliance is open to any industrial company, consulting firm, end customer, public authority, utility and other entity, that is committed to developing open, non-proprietary solutions to unlock the smart city and smart energy markets.

The global smart city protocol The TALQ Consortium aims to define a globally accepted smart city protocol for central management software, to configure, control, command and monitor heterogeneous smart city device networks.

Interoperability of luminaires, sensors and/or communication nodes The Zhaga consortium joined forces with the DiiA to produce a single Zhaga-D4i certification that covers all the critical features including mechanical fit, digital communication, data reporting and power requirements within a single luminaire, ensuring plug- and-play interoperability of luminaires (drivers) and peripherals such as connectivity nodes.

Open, flexible and secure cloud computing services

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services provided with the highest levels of trust, transparency, standards conformance and regulatory compliance. Microsoft Azure offers the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using customers’ favourite tools and frameworks.

FULLY CONFIGURABLE DASHBOARD Customise your working environment: add, move, resize and organise widgets for each and every stakeholder’s personal dashboard.

INTEGRATED INVENTORY AND DEVICE MANAGEMENT Retrieve, create, edit or delete luminaires, cabinet controllers, meters, electric cables, sensors and more.


Stay connected to your network. Navigate on a map view to check key performance indicators and device statuses, and manage them when needed.

LIGHTING SCHEDULES Program your lighting. Create and edit your dimming profiles based on endless variables (calendar days, special occasions, season, etc.). Assign these rules to configurable groups of luminaires.

DYNAMIC LIGHTING Maximise your benefits by associating sensors with groups of luminaires to trigger pre-defined lighting scenarios.

REPORTS, ALARMS AND DATA ANALYTICS Anticipate and react in real time. Configure warning messages, get useful insights using the reports. Take advantage of aggregated data to make informed decisions.

ENERGY CONSUMPTION MANAGEMENT Keep bills under control. Monitor, meter, compare. Schréder EXEDRA provides all the relevant features to help you improve energy efficiency.

TICKETING SYSTEM Organise field operations through a fully integrated ticketing system that will help you optimise your asset management and maintenance.

AUTOMATION Take advantage of the Schréder EXEDRA automation centre to easily customise advanced sequences of automated actions based on the conditions and rules you have defined. USER MANAGEMENT Distribute roles and rights to all project stakeholders according to their missions and responsibilities. MULTI-TENANT Configure and manage different zones independently. Thanks to Schréder EXEDRA multi-tenant architecture, contractors, utilities or big cities are able to segregate areas. APPLICATION SOLUTION Connect different types of hardware from various manufacturers to the EXEDRA UI. This applies to both light control and other applications: environmental monitoring, smart water, smart grid, smart parking, smart waste and more.

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Anytime, anywhere, connect to your street lighting with the Schréder EXEDRA App

The Schréder EXEDRA mobile application offers the essential

functionalities of the desktop platform, to accompany all types of operator on site in their daily effort to maximise the potential of connected lighting.

> Commission your connected luminaires quickly and easily > Search for any connected luminaire, using geolocation, a unique ID or a QR code > Manage your assets (add/edit any critical information in the database)

> Perform a test procedure to check any connected luminaire > Set alarms, create tickets and assign them to maintenance operators > Control and adjust your luminaires in real time

Schréder EXEDRA LightSync : continuous adjustment of lighting levels to actual conditions

Schréder EXEDRA LightSync is an innovative service offered by the Schréder EXEDRA platform. It uses real-time data to continuously adjust the lighting level of a group of luminaires based on local traffic and weather conditions. With Schréder EXEDRA LightSync, cities can achieve the perfect balance between the safety and well-being of citizens, convenience and the sustainable use of outdoor lighting infrastructure. Schréder EXEDRA LightSync uses georeferencing to collect environmental data and analyses factors such as traffic and weather via the Schréder EXEDRA platform. This information is used to calculate the appropriate lighting level and control commands are sent to all the luminaires in the group. The system retrieves updated data up to every 15 minutes, ensuring a rapid response to changes in the environment. If data is unavailable, the lighting level reverts to the pre-defined control program until data becomes available.

Skip the hardware Stop worrying about events Forget calendars Just sync!

> Optimised energy savings Schréder EXEDRA LightSync helps street lighting operators achieve a better balance between reducing light levels to save energy and ensuring the safety and well-being of road users. > Enhanced convenience The appropriate dimming profile and calendar are set once, as the service automatically adapts to surrounding events. This eliminates the need for managing multiple calendars for different situations.

> Integration with third-party platforms The service leverages traffic and weather data from third-party platforms, eliminating the need for additional specific sensors in remote locations. > Lower dimming levels With the ability to automatically restore high lighting levels when the density of users increases, Schréder EXEDRA LightSync enables cities to operate at lower dimming levels than traditional profiles/calendars allow.

How does it work?

Pulls information from available data sources or types

Computes the adequate lighting level

Adapts the lighting accordingly












Collect, monitor, generate insights, process and adapt

OWLET IV: the state-of-the-art wireless controllers designed for EXEDRA

OWLET IV luminaire controllers operate Schréder’s luminaires and luminaires from third parties. They offer easy installation and have fast plug-and-play commissioning. OWLET IV controllers use both cellular and mesh radio networks, optimising geographical coverage

cybersecurity mechanisms to protect the deployment in the city and provide accurate power outage information to the city’s streetlight managers. OWLET IV controllers are managed with EXEDRA, Schréder’s advanced smart lighting management platform.

and redundancy for continuous operation . DATALIFTs use mesh network to aggregate information from a cluster of MESHNODEs, and forward this on to the IoT platform using cellular connectivity. Among other features, OWLET IV controllers use advanced

Connected with

FEATURES > Hybrid architecture: local mesh (MESHNODEs and DATALIFTs) and cellular communication (DATALIFTs) > Gateway-less hybrid network architecture using WI-SUN mesh network & cellular connectivity > Built-in GPS and built-in photocell to control each luminaire based on local ambient light level

> Embedded self-test capability to check installation > Offers responsive light-on-demand use cases triggered by local sensors > Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware update > End-to-end encrypted communication


> Auto-commissioning: easy installation and plug-and-play > Auto-geolocation: GPS-location detection and time synchronisation > Real time dynamic lighting: mesh technology to broadcast sensor triggering event locally within a cluster of luminaire controllers > Last gasp messaging: power outage detection allowing a last message when power cuts off > Asset management: asset data import > Tunable white: ability


to control luminaires with variable colour temperature






Future-proofing the investment

Schréder EXEDRA unifies the lighting network thanks to its ability to control nodes plugged into Zhaga/NEMA sockets and luminaires from multiple manufacturers. With an API, EXEDRA can interact with third- party asset management systems to merge the whole scheme into a unique, modern, insightful and user-friendly platform.

Backing the city branding

Schréder EXEDRA not only provides real- time monitoring of connected urban assets such as luminaires, litter bins or public WiFi. Thanks to its automation centre, you can define conditional rules, set up alarms and automate ticketing to optimise on-site maintenance operations. All IoT devices using the same open standards for data and communication can seamlessly integrate into the platform. And, of course, in these iconic places, lighting can be adapted according to specific schedules to support special events.

Maximising both savings and safety

Schréder EXEDRA enables the creation of lighting scenarios including the most efficient dimming profiles and light-on-demand features based on sensor detection. The selection of sensor(s) to which the luminaires react and the associated configuration parameters (i.e. trigger activation delay, hold time) are easily assigned to luminaire controllers. The detection events generate useful data for decision-making regarding future investments and priorities.

Protecting wildlife

Schréder EXEDRA provides a flexible control solution that enables the creation of various clusters of luminaires programmed with specific scenarios for dimming and colour temperature changes. On installation, the system imports all information related to the luminaire configurations chosen after a careful lighting study. This asset inventory feature enables the implementation of solutions optimised from a design and control point of view.

It’s time to SHUFFLE your world!

Decluttering cities on their journey to becoming smart

The SHUFFLE smart column is a connected, modular approach to city hardware. With plug-and-play rotatable modules that contain pre-certified hardware, it can be configured to suit your specific needs. Redesign. Reorganisie. Improve Combine. Do these all at once with SHUFFLE, an integrated concept with unlimited opportunities to bring the experience to a new level in cities and venues. Information, identity, safety, communication, entertainment, mobility and much more. All your various features can be gathered elegantly into one integrated platform . Not set in stone, but with versatility and ready for future evolutions. You can create your personalised SHUFFLE by associating up to 5 modules per column , or pick one of our preconfigured variants.


> Seamless integration of urban hardware in a refined column > Personalised combinations: up to 5 modules per column > Preconfigured versions: Campus, SOS, Security, Light and Mobility > Total versatility with 360° rotatable modules > Patented system for easy installation > Upgradable: modules can be added or replaced after installation > Fully connected platform

Schréder launches SHUFFLE , the first smart column on the market

SHUFFLE is crowned ‘Product of the Year’ by the HEA (UK)

SHUFFLE wins the Smart City Award in London

Leading with non-stop innovation SHUFFLE was launched in 2015, and many enthusiastic customers who set out to shed extra light on their vibrant urban living spaces have installed it. And they went beyond simple outdoor lighting. They took the opportunity offered by this platform to bring new services into their environments, such as WiFi, surveillance cameras, loudspeakers, emergency buttons and EV chargers. Just a year after its launch, SHUFFLE was awarded ` Product of the Year 2016 ’ by the Highway Electrical Association (HEA) in the UK. A little while later, in 2017, SHUFFLE received the ` Smart City Award ’ in London for its technology with great potential for smart cities. In 2020, Schréder made SHUFFLE independent from physical wiring for lightning-speed connectivity, creating the first wireless smart column. This spirit of constant innovation combined with exquisite design, attention to detail and a deep understanding of customer needs has positioned SHUFFLE as a benchmark in the market. Since their launch, SHUFFLE columns have delighted cities and private companies in more than 35 countries worldwide.

Launch of SHUFFLE Site at Mobile World Congress, an integrated approach to 4G/5G small cells

Schréder innovates again with the SHUFFLE Wireless backhaul , the first 100% wireless smart column New lighting modules with up to 58% more luminous flux to meet the needs of a broader range of applications


SHUFFLE SOS offers the perfect solution for helping people and emergency services in critical situations. With one simple push of a button, citizens can quickly get in touch with the emergency services if they witness an incident or are the victim of an accident. Using a voice-over IP intercom, people can explain the problem and receive proper assistance . The embedded cameras enable call centres to take the right actions thanks to a real-time video feed. The strobe light and horn, which can be triggered remotely, make sure that the emergency signal is seen and heard by bystanders in the area. They also guide the emergency crew to the exact location of the incident. With SHUFFLE SOS, people never feel alone in a city. They receive the support they expect in the shortest possible time. Emergency services are able to react accordingly and cover a larger area, optimising their resources.

Click for more information




4370mm | 14.34’

4370mm | 14.34’

4370mm | 14.34’

Pole height Control node




360° Lighting with strobe (SH36L2-HL)

360° Lighting with strobe (SH36L2-HL)

360° Lighting with strobe (SH36L2-HL) Red light ring (SHLR2-RE)

Module (top)

Camera without extra PC protector (SH18C2-JH)

Horn (SH18S2-HN)

Module 2


Horn (SH18S2-HN) Quadview (SHCQV)

Module 3



Horn (SH18S2-HN)

Module 4

Intercom with camera (SHPOIC2-GI)

Intercom with camera (SHPOIC2-GI)

Intercom (SHPOIC2-GH)

Integrated in pole

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