Schréder - Pedestrian crossing solutions

Schréder designed LensoFlex ® 2 and LensoFlex ® 4 Zebra optics to meet the challenge of making pedestrian crossings safer while keeping the aesthetical consistency for lighting furniture in the urban landscape. has

Our dedicated optics provide visual comfort for both motorists and pedestrians to help them share the public space in a safer manner. The asymmetrical light distributions offer a high vertical illuminance level on the pedestrian from the driver’s position. At the same time, the pedestrian crossing itself receives a high horizontal illuminance level, revealing its position from a good distance.

White light combined with a sharp asymmetrical light distribution provides a very efficient solution for lighting pedestrian crossings. Our luminaires for pedestrian crossings have a high level of tightness (at least IP 66), in order to maintain the initial performance for as long as possible over the lifetime of the installation.


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