Solar lighting applications - White paper

TOP 10 APPLICATIONS FOR SOLAR LIGHTING Street lighting Solar LED street lighting offers significant financial benefits to municipalities, with potential savings of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of euros. It requires fewer updates and repairs, resulting in a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance costs. Solar LED lighting is also a practical solution for lighting secondary roads as it requires less maintenance, can be installed without disrupting the road and reduces energy consumption. In addition, solar lighting improves safety and visibility at junctions on country roads, addressing the challenges faced by cyclists, pedestrians and motorists who share these junctions. By providing efficient and cost-effective lighting, solar LED street lighting enhances security, reduces maintenance and offers long-term financial benefits to communities. Car parks Outdoor car parks are infrastructures that typically do not have an electrical network necessarily available. As a result, it can be challenging to provide adequate lighting in these areas. However, solar LED lighting can be an ideal solution for lighting car parks. Combining solar lighting with motion detection technology can further increase the efficiency of car park lighting. By detecting the presence of users, the lighting level can be increased only when needed, reducing energy waste and ensuring that users can safely navigate the car park.


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