Solar lighting applications - White paper

Residential areas Residential areas can benefit greatly from solar LED lighting. These luminaires provide a sense of safety for residents while reducing energy costs for the community. With proper lighting, the risk of accidents and crime can be significantly reduced. As these areas may not receive the same level of maintenance and attention as main roads, it’s important to choose lighting solutions that are durable and require minimal maintenance. Solar LED lighting ticks both of these boxes as it is long lasting and requires very little maintenance.

Bike paths

Solar lighting is a clean and renewable energy source that produces no greenhouse gas emissions, making it an environmentally- friendly option. By using solar lighting on bike paths, cities and towns can reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions, while still providing safe and reliable lighting for cyclists. As these paths may be located in remote areas or require extensive electrical infrastructure to connect to the grid, solar lighting can be a practical and affordable alternative. In addition, solar lighting helps to create a more sustainable and harmonious environment for everyone, with low levels of light that meet the needs of cyclists and minimise the impact on local wildlife.


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