Schréder - Industry lighting solutions

Maximise your ROIs Integrate sensors and control systems to achieve further savings and benefits. Adapt the light to where and when it is needed, enabling all employees to see clearly and move through spaces in complete safety and comfort, overall decreasing the risk of an injury and all associated costs. Minimise and support your manufacturing quality metrics with the right light output. With structured ROI plans, you can ensure optimal payback and quick decisions. In short, transform your lighting into a strategic asset and create an optimised work environment.


Gain a lifetime of benefits

Enhance operations Get a new or renewed lighting design that harmonises to your operational needs without compromising on the quality of light, in both indoor and outdoor areas. Choose from our extensive range of lighting solutions that facilitate a quick installation and deliver an energy-efficient and optimised light. Minimise routine expenses and disruptions with low maintenance solutions, even in the toughest industrial environments.

Connect your investment to the lifecycle of your business with a futureproof strategy. Provide a lighting system that is fully adapted to your business strategy needs. By significantly reducing your energy and operating costs, you can release funding for other business investments. With control and sensors, further improve your carbon footprint. Our lighting solutions will help you achieve your sustainability objectives and increase the value of your commercial workspace.



Optimise safety and productivity

Rely on one solution provider

Help your employees perform at their best with human-centric LED lighting systems. Improve the accuracy and well-being of your staff to boost their performance. Ensure perfect visibility to improve safety, avoid accidents and support quality targets. Improve colour rendering to deliver a light that mimics daylight, supporting concentration, precision work and cognition. Our customers continue to share the benefits created by our lighting solutions for a long time to come.

Entrust your lighting to one full-service partner, from the lighting study to installation and commissioning, to save time and minimise costs. Futureproof your building and dynamically adjust the lighting to your operational needs with our sensors and intelligent control systems that not only maximise efficiency but also capture and process data to improve future objectives. By adapting light to the real needs of employees, you create a statement of wellbeing and sustainability.





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