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Tehomet - Kangasniemi, Finland

Sistema Poland - Lodz, Poland

This is where our experts come into play by analysing the following key factors: Building configuration: this is the very first step. Visiting the facility and making an inventory of all the existing fixtures in the different work areas. Business activity: the horizontal and vertical illuminance will strongly depend on the type of activity. Pallet racks will require specific vertical illuminance while product quality inspection will require a defined level of lux at a specific workplane height. Maintenance factor: Maintenance factor is what makes sure your lights keep doing their job for long after they have been installed. It has to be carefully calculated and is a combination of several elements. For example, if a lamp fails, are you going to replace it immediately or wait for the next round of maintenance? Surface reflection: studies have shown the possibility of generating electrical energy savings of up to 45% by increasing surface reflection properties. It is essential to have this information to deliver the right light. 4 key factors for a good lighting study Schréder Socelec - Guadalajara, Spain A good lighting design minimises energy consumption while ensuring safety and visual comfort for employees.

Phoenix Contact - Zaventem, Belgium

Habighorst - Hagen, Germany

Carrefour - Cestas, France

MaBe - Bermatingen, Germany



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