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Columns & brackets The perfect addition

What makes a place great? What kind of services do workers like? How can you leverage your infrastructure to create value beyond lighting? Why could it help you to meet your social and business goals?

Schréder offers a large range of columns, brackets and bollards to suit any challenges for your application, be it robustness, design or integration into the environment to be lit.

Straight columns

For decorative luminaires designed for low-height applications, Schréder provides straight columns in various heights, finishings and materials. They blend into the environment and complement the design of the luminaires.

SHUFFLE is a connected, modular approach to outdoor hardware with plug-and-play rotatable modules that contain pre-certified hardware. SHUFFLE is the right tool for ambitious companies, institutions, public services and cities wanting to offer a high-quality experience to their workers, customers or visitors.

For managers • Robust, integrated and aesthetic solution • A clever, cost-effective way to leverage lighting infrastructure

• Data collection and analytics • Security with CCTV algorithms • Tool to inform, help and guide people

Post-top luminaires Schréder offers a large range of luminaires designed for post-top mounting.

Brackets For medium to high height applications, the columns can be combined with simple or double brackets. Schréder has a range of aesthetic brackets that can integrate fine details such as coloured LEDs for accent lighting, to create a distinctive identity. Our brackets are designed to resist the harshest conditions in terms of vibrations and wind force.

For crown mounting Standard or custom designs for high-mast mounting with multiple luminaires.

Choose your ideal SHUFFLE

For two luminaires Double brackets or poles with front and rear low-height brackets.



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