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Various designs, many configurations, one single DNA. FLEXIA is the ultimate platform to create your unique outdoor lighting solution. Focus on creating a unique ambiance for people walking through your outdoor spaces. With no technical limitations, more design consistency and the guarantee of the latest innovations, FLEXIA offers a versatile technological platform with refined aesthetics.



Our bollard range takes up the challenge of creating both efficient visual guidance and a pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians. It offers different photometrical options for symmetrical or asymmetrical distribution, and are proposed with a diffuse protector for maximised comfort or with a clear protector for high performance.

IZYLUM is a robust yet compact luminaire, designed with a focus on ease of installation and maintenance, enabling to extend its lifetime with future upgrades. Available in five sizes, the IZYLUM range takes advantage of the latest photometric innovations and is designed to light a large range of environments and areas such as roads, access ways and car parks.



Compact yet powerful, light yet robust, affordable yet highly efficient, AVENTO provides the fastest return on investment for road, parking and area lighting. AVENTO offers a superior lumen/watt ratio to deliver a high- performing, energy efficient, lighting solution at an affordable price. AVENTO is available in four sizes to provide a consistent solution in terms of the right lumen package and light distribution for a broad range of environments. It ensures that the lighting meets the real needs of the place to be lit.

With its clean and simple design, the SCULP Collection discreetly blends into the environment and provides the most accurate range of powerful, versatile and efficient LED floodlights to create astonishing effects for all façade lighting projects. Corporate colours can be projected to create a strong brand identity or simply improve the visitor experience.



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