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Available in two sizes, the INDU WALL PACK outperforms all conventional downlight fixtures by providing a bright and long lasting light for outdoor wall mounted applications, with optional light-on- demand feature. Comfort and efficiency for exterior building lighting

Efficiency and versatility for indoor and outdoor area lighting With multiple combinations of lumen packages and light distributions, INDU FLOOD GEN2 is the ideal tool to provide an efficient multi-purpose lighting solution for industrial environments. Available in 3 sizes, this compact luminaire provides the exact lighting requirements for the space to be lit. Delivered with a mounting bracket and also available with a post-top fixation, it can be adjusted on-site for a precise optical control. It is perfect for replacing fixtures with discharge lamps from 50 to 800W. INDU FLOOD GEN2 provides a bright white light for excellent visibility and colour perception, delivering value beyond energy savings, with light-on-demand feature thanks to an optional motion sensor. Its robust design, with a high IP rating, guarantees performance for many years to come, even in the harshest conditions.



INDU WALL PACK 1 1,700 - 1,800lm INDU WALL PACK 2 4,200 - 4,400lm

INDU FLOOD GEN2 1 3,800lm - 10,000lm INDU FLOOD GEN2 2 15,800lm - 30,400lm INDU FLOOD GEN2 3 32,900lm - 60,900lm

The floodlight includes two cable glands at the back for daisy chain layout. It is designed for integration with BMS (building management system).

The universal U-bracket includes a graduation system for precise on-site settings.

INDU FLOOD GEN2 provides easy access to the gear compartment.

Delivers the most suitable solution thanks to two sizes, with an emergency option available for the size 2.

Thanks to its photometric performance, INDU WALL PACK optimises the spacing between two units.

INDU WALL PACK is secured to the surface with 4 screws.



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