Schréder EXEDRA - SMART lighting IoT platform

The Schréder EXEDRA lighting remote management platform is truly SMART: Simple, Modular, Automation-driven, Resilient, and Trustable. Its simplicity in operation, modular design, automation capabilities, resilience, and trustworthiness make it stand out in the world of lighting management, providing a unique and efficient solution for your needs.

Your city as SMART as you want

Schréder Hyperion builds on Schréder’s century-long experience, knowledge and engineering to support cities with a specialised portfolio of relevant smart city solutions. In addition, Schréder Hyperion works with partners across the world to complement today’s products and create additional opportunities for cities.

Nicolas Keutgen Chief Innovation Officer at Schréder


Innovation and inspiration for smarter cities With Schréder Hyperion, Schréder is shaping the evolution of smart cities.

More than 80 experts in cloud computing, cybersecurity, machine learning, IoT and data analysis are working closely with customers to unlock the potential of urban infrastructures to address significant social challenges. Located at the university campus of Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) in Carcavelos (Lisbon region), Schréder Hyperion aims to plan urban spaces, repurpose existing infrastructure and develop luminaire-based digital systems.

Schréder Hyperion provides practical information, training and solutions to facilitate the transition to smarter and more sustainable cities. This centre of excellence is strategically based in the Lisbon area to take full advantage of its strong tech talent. The city boasts a remarkably high number of qualified engineers per capita, so Schréder Hyperion is seeking to leverage the thriving international tech ecosystem through collaboration and the implementation of research initiatives.

Schréder smart and connected solutions +15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE




Urban development has always been intertwined with lighting, dating back to ancient times. As technology has evolved, lighting has improved its performance. Today, cities can benefit from connected lighting solutions in ways that go beyond traditional ROI. These solutions offer a wide range of benefits for urban development and sustainability.


EMBRACING A VISION • Maximised savings (energy and maintenance) • Decarbonisation of lighting • Accurate data for informed decisions • Futureproof infrastructure for urban IoT applications

EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT • Precise asset inventory

• Automated failure reporting • Compliance with regulations and standards • Improved cost tracking • Easy adaptation for events/urban planning evolution





STREAMLINED OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE • Optimised service/maintenance planning • Improved collaboration between all stakeholders (information flow) • More resilient infrastructure

CITIES THEY LOVE TO LIVE IN • Safety, comfort and well-being without disruption • Less failure reporting • Sense of pride (image and reputation of the city)


Your journey first: tailored solutions by Schréder

Becoming a smart city isn’t the endgame. It’s the unique benefits of each project that truly matter.

Cities demand tailor-made solutions, not one-size-fits-all. Schréder understands the uniqueness of your city, its challenges and opportunities. We design, advise on, innovate and integrate lighting solutions, supporting you throughout. Our goal: to align your short- and medium- term objectives with your long term vision.

Our focus is on understanding your city to deliver innovative, community-enhancing solutions that go beyond just lighting. It’s not about technology; it’s about improving neighbourhoods and communities with the right solutions.


Our ecosystem partners for technology-agnostic solutions Empowering open networks for smart cities and utilities

The uCIFI Alliance collaborates with a range of stakeholders for open smart solutions. They define a universal data model for smart cities using OMA LwM2M, compatible with various IoT networks.

The global smart city protocol The TALQ Consortium is aiming for a global smart city protocol for central management, enabling control and monitoring of heterogeneous smart device networks to enhance safety, save energy, and improve efficiency.

Enhancing luminaire interoperability: Zhaga-D4i certification Zhaga and DiiA unite for Zhaga-D4i certification, merging outdoor connectivity specs (Zhaga Book 18 v2) with DALI’s D4i. This certification ensures seamless plug-and-play compatibility in luminaires and peripherals.

Robust cloud services: Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure offers secure, flexible, and globally accessible cloud services. Build, manage, and deploy with confidence, supported by proactive compliance and a team of experts.

Advancing global wireless standards The Wi-SUN Alliance ® advances global wireless connectivity standards. It harmonises wireless systems, standardises power, data rates, modulations, and more. These efforts drive technology, markets, and regulations for utility, smart city, and IoT networks.


Committing to transcend the ordinary

We created Schréder EXEDRA to be S imple, M odular, A utomation-driven, R esilient and T rustable - as every system on the market should be. The result is a remote control platform that embodies simplicity, modularity and a deep commitment to automation. Schréder EXEDRA integrates seamlessly into your

ecosystem, providing valuable data insights and automating essential tasks. Our design ensures reliability and trustworthiness, setting a new standard for systems on the market.






Standardisation to fuel personalised IoT solutions

The Schréder EXEDRA system architecture is intentionally designed to seamlessly interact with other software and hardware solutions. How does it achieve this? Unlike proprietary systems that hinder interoperability and lead to vendor lock-in or costly proprietary integrations, Schréder EXEDRA represents a comprehensive

This commitment to interoperability guarantees that customers can effortlessly connect their existing systems/devices or third-party solutions to Schréder EXEDRA. In fact, it even means that we are open to collaborating with our industry peers.

Schréder takes an active role in promoting standardisation through partnerships with organisations such as uCIFI, TALQ, Wi-Sun or D4i. Together, our commitment revolves around crafting solutions tailored for both vertical and horizontal IoT integration . From the physical components (hardware) to the common language (data model) and the intelligence behind it (algorithms), the entirety of the Schréder EXEDRA system relies on shared and open technologies .

solution founded on open standards and protocols .









S IMPLE As easy as turning the lights on


Quick deployment & scalability Schréder EXEDRA boasts automated commissioning and a gatewayless design, ensuring quick deployment and seamless scalability.

Less manual intervention Schréder luminaire data is automatically retrieved and updated in the EXEDRA platform via RFID tag technology or via the ZD4i ecosystem. For luminaires from other brands, asset data can also be imported into the platform via a CSV file. Features such as auto-inventory, auto-test, and geolocation capabilities reduce manual intervention.

Operational efficiency With a cloud-based environment that centralises control and management using an alarm and ticketing system , overall operational efficiency can be greatly improved. Schréder EXEDRA integrates a robust automation engine , empowering city managers to streamline operations and automate repetitive tasks through custom routines and rules.

Optimised asset management The web-based Schréder EXEDRA platform offers control from anywhere and easy user management, ensuring optimised asset management and resource allocation.

More efficient collaboration Schréder EXEDRA is a collaborative platform that fosters efficient cooperation among all parties involved . The mobile version is tailored for installation and on-site intervention, ensuring a seamless experience.

Discover why it matters














The essential features at your fingertips

Smooth commissioning

Real-time control and settings Check the current status of a luminaire: power consumption, dimming profile, asset information, etc. Use the manual control to perform a test procedure and to adjust the luminaire parameters (e.g. dimming profile).

Search for or move an existing asset, create a new asset, scan a controller QR-code to associate it with an asset. From his/her position, the Schréder EXEDRA App user can select an asset on the map or use the search feature to find it. He/she can use a mobile phone camera to take a photo and associate it with the asset.

Download the Schréder EXEDRA App

Effective maintenance

Set alarms, create tickets for specific luminaires and assign them to maintenance operators. Geolocation (map view) and the ID or QR code search tool make it easy to work on faulty luminaires, maximising the efficiency of the field team.


Case study Smart Wloclawek (Poland) A seamless transformation with immediate benefits In Wloclawek, Poland, a historic city is being transformed into a smart and sustainable haven thanks to the Schréder EXEDRA remote control system. By using LED lighting and intelligent controls, the city has revolutionised safety and efficiency. Brighter and more efficient LED lighting now adorns the city, improving safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers , while significantly reducing energy consumption. With over 2,400 connected luminaires in use, energy savings are skyrocketing. Streamlined management Automated inventory and monitoring makes asset management effortless , all made possible by the Schréder EXEDRA system. Data is accessible from anywhere, providing insight for continuous improvement of the lighting network. Operational excellence The system automatically detects faults and triggers alarms for rapid intervention. A mobile version allows authorities to check status on the move, ensuring operational efficiency. Wloclawek’s journey is a shining example of how the use of smart technology, such as the Schréder EXEDRA remote control system, can create a safer, more efficient and sustainable future for a city.


In a nutshell • More than 2,400 connected luminaires • Improved safety and reduced energy consumption • Streamlined asset management and data access • Fault detection, alarm triggering and mobile monitoring for operational excellence • A model for safer, more efficient and sustainable cities

More about this case study


M ODULAR Your path to openness and interoperability


Seamless integration and customisation Modern infrastructures require adaptable solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems or third-party technologies. With Schréder EXEDRA, we provide an open platform built on industry-standard protocols, ensuring effortless integration and the ability to customise to your specific needs.

Scalability and sustainability

The need for flexibility, scalability and the ability to adapt to changing regulations is critical. Schréder EXEDRA is designed to meet these needs, providing a platform that evolves with technology to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Interoperability and endless possibilities

Our platform breaks down the barriers that often hinder initiatives. Schréder EXEDRA promotes full interoperability, allowing you to control lights, manage controllers and integrate sensors from different brands , as well as connect to third-party devices and platforms. It’s the key to unlocking endless possibilities for your environment.

In a landscape where 82% of organisations face challenges due to a lack of maturity and openness, Schréder EXEDRA paves your way to the exclusive 18% - a community dedicated to bringing progress and innovation to its environment.

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Case study Haringey (UK)

Embracing the future with Schréder EXEDRA Haringey, one of London’s busiest boroughs, embarked on a journey to transform its urban environment with cutting- edge technology. The project involved seamlessly integrating a wide range of lighting assets and optimising energy consumption, while maintaining the highest safety standards. Interoperability at its core Achieving interoperability between different lighting assets was at the heart of this project. Haringey’s luminaires, Schréder and non-Schréder, were brought together under a single system . The aim was to optimise the control and management of these assets, reduce street clutter and improve safety in this diverse borough. Customised solutions for the future Haringey’s forward-thinking approach enabled them to invest in connected luminaires. These luminaires, equipped with sockets and nodes, enabled rapid integration into the CMS . This not only streamlined the project, but also ensured cost effectiveness. Future-proofing for what lies ahead By choosing the Schréder EXEDRA system, Haringey has not only achieved significant energy savings, but has also laid the foundations for future innovations . Possibilities such as pollution sensors, traffic counting and real-time fault reporting are now within reach. The smart system is not just about lighting, but is a collaborative approach that links data, services and support for a brighter and more sustainable future. Haringey’s journey illustrates the importance of relying on a future-proof system capable of connecting smart assets and sensors in the years to come, while providing a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly urban environment.


In a nutshell

• +60% energy savings • Schréder and non-Schréder luminaires • 8,000 connected-ready luminaires • Real-time fault reporting and integration of intelligent sensors • Improved safety and comfort

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A UTOMATION- DRIVEN The power of data insights and seamless automation


Data-driven insights At its core, Schréder EXEDRA is a data

powerhouse. It meticulously collects, analyses and intuitively displays data from a variety of sources, making even the most complex information easy to understand. This gives you a deep understanding of your city’s infrastructure.

Efficiency and savings unleashed The benefits of Schréder EXEDRA are immediate, thanks to its energy-saving capabilities. This is achieved through intelligent automation and accurate usage tracking , which translates into significant financial savings and operational efficiencies in the short term.

Shaping the city of tomorrow

But the real magic happens in the long term. Schréder EXEDRA equips decision-makers with precise reports on energy consumption and system performance , placing them at the helm of shaping the future of their city.

Tailored to the needs of your city The automation engine in Schréder EXEDRA makes it easy to create advanced automated sequences . Define custom rules and conditions or use automation templates to speed up the process, all contributing to greater efficiency and responsiveness in city management.

Automation at your fingertips

Schréder EXEDRA is a collaborative platform that fosters efficient cooperation among all parties involved . The mobile version is tailored for installation and on-site intervention, ensuring a seamless experience.

Discover why it matters

Benefits of data-driven decision making with Schréder EXEDRA

Better planning

Reduced costs

Continuous improvement

Collaborative decision making

Increased speed


Schréder EXEDRA LightSync Automated cloud-enhanced dimming

A pioneer of innovation, Schréder EXEDRA LightSync redefines outdoor lighting with adaptive lighting. This system effortlessly adjusts the lighting level based on real-time data, saving energy and ensuring user safety and sustainability. Effortless convenience No more complicated schedules and settings. Schréder EXEDRA LightSync adapts to make life easier and more convenient, while saving energy. Customisation with precision Users are in complete control. Settings can be customised for each site, from data analysis to lighting levels, ensuring adaptability to unique needs while using energy wisely.

The power of adaptation Schréder EXEDRA LightSync adapts to real-time conditions such as traffic density and/or weather. It optimises lighting for safety and uses only the energy

required for efficiency. Data at the core

This data-driven system uses geo-referenced and real-time data to calculate ideal lighting levels, eliminating the need for additional sensors and prioritising safety over energy efficiency. Adapting to the unpredictable Schréder EXEDRA LightSync thrives in areas with unpredictable traffic and/or weather conditions, providing safety and energy efficiency in every scenario.

How does it work?

Pulls information from available data sources or types

Computes the adequate lighting level

Adapts the lighting accordingly












Collect, monitor, generate insights, process and adapt


Case study Brussels (Belgium) - Bois de la Cambre

Lighting up changing needs through automation Located near Brussels, Bois de la Cambre is a lush and versatile green space with a road infrastructure that changes depending on the day of the week. The only constant is change On weekdays, these roads are busy with vehicles, while at weekends they become a quiet haven for pedestrians. However, unpredictable weather can cause safety issues, with road closures due to high winds. Traditionally, different control programs have been used for weekdays and weekends, with dimming never falling below 70%. A shift towards efficiency In response, the Schréder EXEDRA LightSync service was installed to control 72 light points, excluding those near pedestrian crossings. It started a lighting revolution by effortlessly adjusting lighting levels . It dimmed from 100% to 50% during off-peak hours and good weather, and instantly returned to 100% brightness when rain threatened safety. Remarkable results The impact has been impressive, with the 72 luminaires managed by Schréder EXEDRA LightSync achieving a remarkable 20% energy saving during the long winter period when street lighting is most active. Compliant and sustainable Notably, the system was fully compliant with the stringent CEN TR13201-1 standards, making Bois de la Cambre a shining example of efficiency and environmental responsibility.

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State-of-the-art features for today and tomorrow


When it comes to user experience, Schréder EXEDRA delivers the most intuitive and comprehensive City Management System.

Fully configurable dashboard Customise your working environment: add, move, resize and organise widgets for each and every stakeholder’s personal dashboard.

Energy consumption management Keep bills under control. Monitor, meter, compare. Schréder EXEDRA provides all the relevant features to help you improve energy efficiency.

Integrated inventory and device management Retrieve, create, edit or delete luminaires, cabinet controllers, meters, electric cables, sensors and more. Device status and real-time insight/control Stay connected to your network. Navigate on a map view to check key performance indicators and device statuses. And manage them when needed. Lighting schedules Program your lighting. Create and edit your dimming profiles based on endless variables (calendar days, special occasions, season, etc.). Assign these rules to configurable groups of luminaires.

Ticketing system Organise field operations through a fully integrated ticketing system that will help you optimise your asset management and maintenance.

Automation Enhance your automation with Schréder EXEDRA: easily customise advanced sequences based on your rules, supported by a catalogue of templates for fast creation. User management Distribute roles and rights to all stakeholders of projects according to their missions and responsibilities. Multi-tenant Configure and manage different zones independently. Thanks to Schréder EXEDRA multi-tenant architecture, contractors, utilities or big cities are able to segregate areas. Application solution Connect different types of hardware from various manufacturers to the EXEDRA UI. This applies to both light control and other applications: environmental monitoring, smart water, smart grid, smart parking, smart waste and more.

Dynamic lighting Maximise your benefits by allocating sensors to groups of luminaires to trigger pre- defined lighting scenarios.

Reports, alarms and data analytics Anticipate and react in real-time. Configure warning messages, get useful insights using the reports. Take advantage of aggregated data to make informed decisions.

Discover why it matters


Case study La Mongie Ski Resort (France) Preserving the starry sky and energy In the heart of the Pyrenees, the La Mongie ski resort was struggling with outdated street lights that cast an orange haze over the slopes, obscuring the night sky and interfering with the work of astronomers at the Pic du Midi Observatory, where a significant 45% of light pollution came from the ski resort. Astronomy-friendly lighting for bright nightscapes Schréder, the lighting pioneers, worked with the local authorities in La Mongie to develop a system with a colour temperature of 2700K , strategically minimising the interference of blue light on astronomical observations. Real-time lighting: a glimpse of tomorrow The Schréder EXEDRA management system introduced a new dimension to La Mongie’s lighting landscape. It allowed luminaires to be dynamically adjusted according to the needs of the ski season , weather conditions and snow cover. This avant-garde solution seamlessly reduced energy consumption by a remarkable 40%, providing not only starry nights on the slopes, but also brilliantly lit streets for après-ski festivities. Schréder EXEDRA minimises light pollution Perched at an astonishing 2,877 metres, the Pic du Midi Observatory has become a coveted destination for stargazers. Thanks to the unwavering commitment of local French authorities to eliminate light pollution and usher in an era of unspoilt night skies , this observatory is now France’s first International Dark Sky Reserve. The La Mongie ski resort and the Pic du Midi Observatory are remarkable examples of how Schréder EXEDRA, with its cutting-edge features, is not only transforming the present, but also ushering in a brighter future. It’s a testament to the convergence of innovation, energy conservation and the preservation of the natural beauty of our night skies for generations to come.


In a nutshell

• Time and resource savings thanks to full remote management of the light points • Dimming profiles based on season, weather conditions, snow cover and tourist frequentation • Compliance with French dark sky regulations • Flexibility: ready to evolve with future regulations or needs

More about this case study


T RUSTABLE Cybersecurity to protect data and systems


Unveiling data security Schréder EXEDRA guarantees state-of-the- art data security. It protects your information through encryption, hashing, tokenisation and robust key management practices . You can rest assured that your data is protected throughout the system and its services.

A secure multi-layered approach T o combat evolving threats, Schréder EXEDRA employs a multi-layered defence strategy. Security measures operate at the device, communication and cloud levels . This approach continuously analyses risks and implements countermeasures.

Commitment to privacy Schréder doesn’t own your data, it protects it. Data protection covers all platforms and services, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality .

Guaranteed isolation and performance Schréder uses tools that guarantee data residency, isolation, identity, access, device management, metering and performance analysis. Schréder EXEDRA promises integrity, compliance with local requirements , continuous security updates and a robust security framework.

The pillars of reliability Schréder EXEDRA relies on ISO 27001 certification , rigorous end-to-end cybersecurity, Microsoft Azure security, remote firmware updates, and continuous security investments. Stay inspired, stay secure with Schréder EXEDRA. Protecting your data is our priority.

Discover why it matters


Case study Bristol (UK)

A sustainable lighting makeover In the vibrant heart of Bristol, one of the UK’s most dynamic cities, a monumental £12 million lighting upgrade is underway. Bristol City Council, responding to its declaration of a climate emergency in 2018, is leading this initiative to replace around 29,000 street lights with energy-efficient LED fixtures. Notably, this project includes the integration of Schréder EXEDRA CMS, marking a significant leap towards sustainability and energy savings. Building on safe infrastructure In the UK, public and street lighting is an integral part of critical infrastructure , and the Bristol upgrade project is no exception. Schréder EXEDRA is a key component of this transformation, prioritising safety by design at all levels of the system and reinforcing Bristol’s bright future. A trusted partner for cybersecurity In June 2023, Bristol faced a critical cybersecurity challenge when a vulnerability was discovered in the MOVEit app - a system integral to the city’s operations. With Schréder EXEDRA at the helm, Bristol was quickly reassured that its data would not be compromised . This responsiveness underlines the enduring partnership that distinguishes Schréder and protects Bristol’s digital landscape. ISO certification for an open yet secure platform Schréder’s commitment to cybersecurity is further demonstrated by the ISO 27001 certification for its EXEDRA platform. This certification is not just a badge of honour, but a commitment to continually improve its cybersecurity processes and keep its staff up to date with the latest best practices in the field, instilling confidence in Bristol’s digital infrastructure. A learning journey With over 600,000 lights and assets under its control worldwide, Schréder EXEDRA is on a constant learning and adaptation journey. Bristol’s transformation is part of this collective journey, and the lessons learned from each data point benefit not only Bristol, but the wider community of cities managed by Schréder EXEDRA. In the radiant metamorphosis of Bristol’s urban landscape, Schréder EXEDRA shines as a trusted partner , not only illuminating the streets, but also ensuring a resilient, sustainable future for the city and beyond.


In a nutshell

• Security by design: ISO 27001 certification in all Schréder EXEDRA layers • Secure data: MOVEit app became vulnerable, Schréder EXEDRA ensured that data was not compromised • Compliance: responsive and flexible to meet specific local cybersecurity needs

More about this case study


Standing by your side, whatever the challenge

Reducing maintenance costs

Relying solely on on-site inspections can be a costly and frustrating experience, especially when maintenance goes wrong. We are actively looking for a solution to improve this.

How Schréder EXEDRA helps

Automated alerts to avoid unnecessary interventions Identification of the problem and its precise location to plan resources and materials Full insights to be more responsive and avoid complaints


Saving CO 2 and energy

With the volatility of the energy market and the global call to reduce CO 2 emissions, we’re committed to minimising consumption. Nonetheless, challenges like energy wastage and malfunctions persist, prompting us to actively seek sustainable solutions.

How Schréder EXEDRA helps

Advanced dimming profiles with sensors or cloud- based adaptive lighting (LightSync) Detailed reports to monitor CO 2 and energy, and make savings Notification of malfunctions or day burners to avoid wastage


Minimising light pollution

With stricter regulations and growing public concern about light pollution, we need a solution fast. We need to address the issue of intrusive lighting.

How Schréder EXEDRA helps

Works with dynamic/adaptive lighting to reduce lighting levels in unoccupied areas Seasonal adjustment of lighting levels to minimise disturbance for sensitive species during certain periods Adaptable light colour temperature that respects the circadian rhythm


Creating safe environments for an attractive user experience People will not walk in certain areas after dark if they feel unsafe or find them unattractive. This is not only a safety issue, but also an economic one. A balanced lighting solution is essential.

How Schréder EXEDRA helps

Lighting adjusts to real-time conditions for optimal visibility Integrated surveillance systems improve sense of safety Creation of ambiance with attractive and dynamic lighting Insights about how the area is used to optimise urban development


Optimising mobility as space utilisation changes

We adapt lighting to the changing needs of the people who use the space. The ability to adapt to different types of mobility and changing infrastructure is crucial.

How Schréder EXEDRA helps

Flexibility to remotely adjust scenarios and lighting levels to adapt to the different types of mobility Remote scheduling to enhance safety on pedestrian/bicycle paths Insights about real-time traffic for greater safety and urban planning


Nurturing image and reputation

We are taking action and need to inform citizens about the benefits and positive impact on CO 2 reduction, energy savings, etc. A solution with insights and accurate data is paramount.

How Schréder EXEDRA helps

Real data on energy savings and CO 2 reduction to share with and inform citizens Automatic notification of issues to improve maintenance and be more responsive State-of-the-art and futureproof smart lighting technology to enhance your reputation as forward- thinking


Copyright © Schréder S.A. 2023 - Executive Publisher: Stéphane Halleux - Schréder S.A. - rue de Mons 3 - B-4000 Liège (Belgium) - The information, descriptions and illustrations herein are of only an indicative nature. Due to advanced developments, we may be required to alter the characteristics of our products without notice. As these may present different characteristics according to the requirements of individual countries, we invite you to consult us.

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