Schréder - Tunnel lighting solutions

An uncompromising quality

Tunnel luminaires are often subject to harsh environments. Vibrations, flying debris, car fumes, water leaks, de-icing salt and electrical surges can damage luminaires. Our manufacturing processes are rigorously controlled in our facilities to guarantee design excellence. Our products are tested and certified in accredited laboratories to resist these harsh conditions and ensure robustness and quality over time.

Anti-corrosion testing All Schréder tunnel products undergo corrosion tests in laboratories and on-site.

Tightness and shocks Schréder products offer a high level of protection against micro-particles, water splashes and violent shocks thanks to a robust design and high-quality protectors.

Fire-resistant components Our products are composed of non-flammable materials to comply with the most demanding requirements (m1, vo, etc) and do not propagate toxic fumes (0% halogen, f1, etc).

Vibrations Each time a vehicle passes, the luminaires are subjected to intense vibrations and gusts of air. In collaboration with universities, Schréder rigorously tests its tunnel products and mountings in laboratories and wind tunnels.


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