Schréder - Tunnel lighting solutions

YOUR CONNECTED TUNNEL Our smart solutions provide multiple features to bring tunnels into the era of smart lighting and considerably improve users’ safety and comfort. From individual dimming and switching to emergency signals, our Advanced Tunnel System 4 offers a large variety of scenarios to effectively control and monitor all tunnel parameters.


Improve reactivity to any sudden changes in the tunnel Maximise energy savings thanks to highly efficient dimming Easy to install and configure Reduce commissioning time significantly (up to 75%) Reduce on-site interventions

ATS 4 control system, your solution for tunnel automation

This intelligent system permanently monitors the power consumption and reports any failures. It integrates the initial tunnel lighting study while the industrial BUS system enables individual auto- addressing, to speed up the commissioning process, saving valuable time and resources on-site. In addition, a Tunnel Control System 4 (TCS 4) unit facilitates and manages the communication between multiple ATS 4 devices as well as the seamless upstream exchange of data and commands to a higher level system.

Jointly developed with Phoenix Contact, the Advanced Tunnel System 4 (ATS 4) is an all-in-one central control system designed to easily manage all tunnel lighting parameters remotely. The ATS 4 is built on components that are compliant with IEC62 443 standards as well the EU NIS directive for TERN infrastructures. The ATS 4 communicates with all local controllers (Lumgates) installed in the tunnel luminaires. It collects information from the luminaires and driver boxes, but also from sensors installed inside the tunnel. This innovative tool is capable of constantly adapting the lighting levels according to specific tunnel conditions like weather, traffic speed and density and other sensor inputs like dirt accumulation, wall reflectance etc.


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