SCHREDER - Sustainability Report 2023

Who we are

Our Values

Innovation... Is at the heart of our mindset. Standing still is sliding backwards. We come up with new ideas and original, creative thinking for our products, services, business models and operations. We love to explore off the beaten tracks. Respect... We are mindful of our role and impact on our colleagues, customers, partners, citizens, communities and the planet. Schréder employees demonstrate respect in their interactions by valuing difference, being inclusive, and embracing diversity. Respect is the umbrella under which we lead the way to sustainable business. Integrity... We always do things the right way, in full respect of the law and our code of conduct. It starts with every one of us; we are open, honest and accountable.

Caring for customers... We listen to our customers, anticipate their needs and put their challenges first. We are all accountable and aligned to deliver an extraordinary customer experience. We build long term relationships with our customers and never let them down. Working together... We are all aligned to achieve the same purpose: we deliver on our promises together! We support each other to overcome challenges, we listen and understand the others’ perspective to come up with the best overall solution. Ultimately, when we work as a team, we win, learn and grow together. Entrepreneurship... We are passionate about developing new business opportunities. We think and act like owners. We are persistent, embrace challenges, accept and manage the risk. We celebrate success and learn from failure.

Schréder provides all employees with an environment and resources to support their professional development. Our goal is to empower all employees to maximise their potential and develop their skill set. Schréder employees work in a family- owned company governed by a long- term vision, with an international character, and a strong culture built on our six values. These values are regularly communicated to our employees through our intranet, management webinars, and onboarding sessions for new hires. They underpin everything we do.


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