SCHREDER - Sustainability Report 2023


2. Customer Protection

As a responsible manufacturer, we ensure that the products we develop are safe. The outdoor lighting industry is subject to strict regulations. All products must be thoroughly inspected and tested before being released. All our luminaires are tested internally for safety according to IEC 60598-1 (CE) and derived standards. This international norm specifies general requirements for luminaires with regard to:  Tightness  Thermal rating  Electrical performance  Electrical safety  EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)  Endurance  Photobiological 16 safety. Furthermore, our luminaires are certified according to the following standards:  ENEC  CB  ENEC +  UL. These certifications prove the reliability of our tests.

In addition, our “intentional radio emitting” (RED) devices are also 100% tested according to a standard that protects people against radiation from electromagnetic fields (Directive 2014/53/EU (RED)). These tests are carried out in the Group’s certified laboratory (ISO 17025 with ILAC accreditation) and/ or by external accredited laboratories. In 2023, the following tests were carried out:  48 ENEC certifications (new and renewals)  5 ZD4i certification (new).

Every luminaire designed, manufactured and sold under the Schréder name and brand complies with regulations and/or voluntary codes.

Aina Rakoto Group Quality Manager


(16) Influence of blue light on the human eye

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