SCHREDER - Sustainability Report 2023


4. Sustainability Ambassadors’ Community

In the early months of our sustainability journey, we established a network of Sustainability Ambassadors in each of our companies worldwide. Our Sustainability Ambassadors organise a series of sustainable activities that have a positive impact in their local communities. The actions are organised around the three pillars of our “Together For Our Future” programme and make a positive contribution to the local environment (Planet), vulnerable populations (Community) or our employees (People). These actions enhance employee engagement, encouraging them to contribute to our global sustainability goals. We are proud of this work and want to further strengthen the role of this network of sustainability ambassadors. In 2024, each company will launch at least one local sustainability initiative related to each pillar of Together For Our Future: Planet, People and Community. We want our ambassadors’ community to not only contribute to our sustainability goals, but also to inspire and engage the entire Schréder Group to build a sustainable future. Some local events organised by our ambassador teams in 2023

 European Mobility Week Our teams across Europe participated in the European Mobility week, by choosing alternative and eco-friendly ways to commute to work. In 2023, twelve entities participated, including our production facilities in Spain, Hungary and Ukraine, and managed to outperform the 2022 results by 67%, saving 2,090 kg CO 2 emissions, equivalent to a return flight from Paris to New York. “Most of the employees happily contributed via car-sharing or cycling. That was widely perceived as an eye-opener to easy and reachable alternative transportation.” Jowanny RIBEIRO-STORM - Sustainability Ambassador of Belgium “Schréder employees in Hungary took up the challenge by putting on their walking shoes or jumping on their bikes to reduce the CO 2 impact of their daily commute. During the week we saved almost 300kg of CO 2 , which put us on the podium among the Schréder sites that took part in this CO 2 saving competition.” Jozsef MACZKO - Sustainability Ambassador of Hungary

World Clean-up Day On 18 th September 2023, Schréder employees across the globe put on their gloves and picked up litter in their local communities. At Schréder, we were delighted to be part of this great initiative to keep our planet clean. “We made the most of an hour when it stopped raining to pick up rubbish in the neighbourhood around our office. It was not only a “green” activity but also a fun and satisfying one, almost like a team-building event.” Jowanny RIBEIRO-STORM - Sustainability Ambassador of Belgium “In a matter of one hour we were able to clean the area and leave it much better than it was before. It was a simple activity. We just bought some gloves (for protection) and plastic bags and I think we had huge impact on the area.” Mário RODRIGUES - Sustainability Ambassador of Portugal


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