SCHREDER - Sustainability Report 2023


Be recognised as the market and thought leader for sustainable lighting solutions Lead by example in civil society by using lighting to improve the safety and well-being of all 2030 Ambitions

Our strong commitment to cities and communities drives us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that provide light precisely where and when it’s needed. At our core, we are dedicated to constantly reimagining our solutions to minimise our environmental impact and that of our customers. Our expertise in smart lighting helps cities and communities to progress on their journey to digitalisation and sustainability, while also protecting biodiversity. We aim to co-create safer and more resilient public spaces that save resources and improve citizens’ lives.

Nicolas Keutgen Chief Innovation Officer

Schréder has been working on nature-centred, wildlife-friendly lighting solutions for decades. Cities want lighting solutions that ensure safety for people and also respect wildlife. We firmly believe that the key to achieving this balance lies in meticulous project design. Used wisely, today’s technology makes it possible to minimise light pollution, while still providing adequate illumination.

Vincent Lang Research Manager


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